CJ is Pretty Slow and Advertiser Not Interested

I saw my email two days ago – I got one offer from CJ advertiser – I looked at the opportunity and it looked attractive to me so I opted for the offer – the earning and the offer was interesting and looking at the stats CJ displays that how well the offer is converting – I thought that I was lucky enough that advertiser contacted me.

I immediately clicked on accept button – but the shocking surprise was that none of the banners or textlinks for that advertiser were available in the “view links”.

Therefore I emailed this to advertiser – more shocking two days have been passed and I am yet to receive any banner information from that client.

It looks like to me none of the people interested in getting their product roll over Internet by affiliates.

There is no bang on reason for writing this post – but just sharing my true experience with you that how careless that affiliate manager for the company could be and why CJ is not taking any initiative to correct this error.

I am frustrated!

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