Clickbank Products Not Safe

This is real hell – real hell! I am sorry but – I need to say this because I am bit angry on the stuff that is being served all around web. Clickbank is the company in concern I am talking about.

I don’t know what is wrong with clickbank these days – and may be this was the previous situation too but I just get hold of it now. I am really angry on the sellers – selling their stuff on clickbank.

Hundreds of affiliates market their product and some are pretty new in the field – they read testimonials from fellow clickbank affiliates and opt their way to clickbank to earn money. But what they get is big zero and nothing else – there may be any promotion failure – but the core reason that I am getting is – most of the products placed in clickbank are not safely protected.

The Only Reason
I don’t understand one thing that sellers do everything right to promote their product but forgot to protect their download pages – this weekend I was on the mission to check the various products of clickbank and I could humbly say that around 50-70% products are unprotected.

What This Means
Simple – if you have downloaded product from a location – the other user too gets the same download page – no protection at all and best of all – people have now started sharing their download pages with friends and this is the good reason – why we see so many clickbank products out their in warez sites.

Not Aware
I can’t believe that clickbank merchants aren’t aware of the download page security because they tend to share some exceptional knowledge and this is the basic thing to protect your download pages.

I think merchants or clickbank on their behalf have to do something seriously – because as the technology and knowledge sharing is becoming easy so it will actually crash clickbank – as most of their hosted merchants do not have download page security.

Who will buy then? Biggest question arising.

2 thoughts on “Clickbank Products Not Safe”

  1. I don’t think Clickbank is at fault here. The problem should be solved by the product sellers. They need to ensure that the product is downloaded through a unique temporary URL or something similar. There are people who do this.

    1. I do agree with you that sellers should do something – but clickbank should put the initiative – because this is their business too – they need to provide some knowledge-base which could help sellers – as sales loss are on both sides infact!

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