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How would it be to give away stuff for free and then also gain revenue? Isn’t good! I think its excellent way. These days we all need permission based email marketing, and every network is depended on somebody to do email marketing work.

This is the current ask also, to market a legitimate email marketing and do just put spam in the inbox’s because email filter will block every spam sent to the inbox without permission.

Now, there is a way to get some extra benefit while promoting such kind of program.

Constant Contact
The leader in permission based email marketing. They provide customizable visitor signup form for every subscriber, on the other hand constant contact also provides a variety of emails templates.

They are rich in features, providing you automatic delivery in correct html or text format. Also, they have a real time reporting of stuff such as who read and links clicked.

Constant Contact is providing a free trail of 60days and if users are satisfied they can subscribe to the link subscription with the trial offer.

This is the wealthiest part of this particular affiliate program. You earn money by letting people to subscribe to Constant Contact for free. The revenue table is listed below:

  1. Earn $2 for Free Trial Signup – 45-day cookie.
  2. Earn $55 for paid subscription – 45-day cookie.

It’s a win-win situation of your promotion and your users who subscribe to the system.


Marketing and More
The program is available in CJ and you can easily subscribe to this program while logging in to your CJ account. Category you will have to look is “Email Marketing”.

There is a small marketing trick, which I want to share; you can include the affiliate link in your email footers or signature. If you often email to companies or other webmasters, this will give you a very fruitful results.

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  1. Hello!I got the most reliable knowledge about Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. It has done wonders in the commercial field. Email has become the most effective way of promoting ones products among the people. Thank you!

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