Everything Working Fine in Commission Junction

Whom should I thanks for this I don’t know – but situation just turned after this blog post I think – although I even mailed to the advertiser about it.

I am here talking about the issue commission junction had with some of the advertiser in my account – see a previous post for details: Something Wrong with Commission Junction these Days

The happy news is things have unfolded for me – the series of happening – I mailed the CJ advertiser about it and then the advertiser replied saying that everything in the account seems normal and there is no problem at all.

When I insisted the advertiser even send me a screenshot that things were normal in their account and all the banners were showing. But till the time I managed to write that particular post in which I described the issue.

The result is pretty soothing – I checked in my CJ account – banners were showing perfectly with all the links intact.

I don’t know what the problem was – but with CJ it usually has with website – scripting and hosting – also these days they often have outages.

But for me – I have my advertiser – I am thinking about writing a review about the product that I am looking forward to in CJ – as now I am having affiliate links. Product is pretty nice and nothing to lose for.

Lets see, how soon I manage to write a review – but for all those people who witness some kind of issue with CJ or the advertiser – its always good to contact the advertiser and they will most likely resolve it.

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