Make Money on Twitter – Easy Way

The miniblogging platform is now equipped with many opportunities till now you have been enjoying twitter for your day to day twitting and more of a social network position. May be some of you have been doing some kind of marketing too – as I have mentioned in my previous posts on how to monetize twitter by doing what you are already doing.

But the method I am talking about here is very new and its dedicatedly made for twitter users and take my word this is the most handiest ways to make money. I mean you don’t have to do much and you still make a very decent income.

New Income on Twitter
Just post some ads on your twitter and when other clicks on those ads you make money – this is the simplest explanation of what you have to do with to earn money from twitter.

Twtad is the way where you can make very easy money. First of all just signup with Twtad and log in to your account you will be presented with some ads – just click and then choose the twitter profile you want to submit your ads to and click “Post” – you are done.

You can instantly track your clicks in your Twtad account. So, you don’t have to actually do much to have make money from twitter. With few simple clicks you are done.

The Catch
There is only one catch – you can only post 3-ads at max for the day in your one twitter profile. But you can still make some decent money out of it.

It is always recommended that you post you ads such a way that it looks like you have made a post not an advertisement – for this you need to post your ads in some duration so that it looks clean.

You can make a 20% lifetime income from referrals – so just start referring your friends and you could earn even a bigger amount. Don’t worry about the payout – this is done when you reach $20 minimum balance in your account and by paypal only.

So, go ahead and experience the all new way of making money by signing up at Twtad.

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