Make Money with Microsoft Corporation

Since the day I have decided to blog about real money making programs already available in affiliate accounts, as CJ and Shareasale etc. The offers are really flowing and I am just excited to write the post about all that.

As I mentioned all moneymaking blogs will give you the way but not find you the right product but I am here to actually let you know which product to choose and market to get maximum benefits.

Product that is hot and seemed to me off having much potential was again listed in CJ and this time you people don’t take it lightly as it’s about Microsoft Corporation.

The Offer
Now I don’t intent to appeal for Microsoft. Just a quick summary; Office Live Small Business is an online service with powerful, do-it-yourself tools and templates that make it easier and more affordable for customers to grow their business online it puts large-company technology to work for small businesses.

You are hence paid for free signup of your visitors or customers to Office Live Small Business Program.


Some of the program highlights:

  • Well-known recognized brand name.
  • You are paid $5.00 per completed sign-up you refer.
  • Limited to small business customers in U.S. only.
  • No qualifying event necessary.
  • Customer sign-up for Office Live Small Business is FREE!
  • A dedicated Affiliate Manager and team to support you

As the signup is free so you can easily get many users and most of all, you don’t have to explain customer about the offer. As Microsoft name is enough for people to signup.

The Best Way
To market these kinds of affiliate program I don’t think that PPC network will be a good choice rather than place classified ads with the encrypted URL method.

Because creating landing pages for Microsoft to market in PPC network would not be a good idea. Using classifieds would be better bet because people will click once to see what you are talking about and there comes the cookie, which is valid for 45days in this program.

So, login to your CJ account and search for Microsoft Office Live under “webtools” category and get started to make money with Microsoft.

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