Price Range of Affiliate Products

A question was bounced on Webmaster forum that what should be the price range of the affiliate products? This is quite interesting question – as most of the people think that stuff that cost less will sell more.

What’s True
This might be true for some products that are less priced so they sell more – but if you are promoting any affiliate product – you need to look at other things – rather first deciding the price range.

  1. You need to look at features first.
  2. Then look at the competition around.
  3. Compare the updates that the product has issued in the recent past.
  4. Then compare the pricing of all related products in the niche with yours.
  5. Also, look at the affiliate percentage offering.

Deciding on price range is not the stuff that you should require to do – if you can summarize your affiliate product on the basis of above mentioned points – then you are more likely to get succeed.

Price is not important for the right product in their niche – you must be having a $5 product that is selling way less but on the same niche with more features a product valued $50 may be selling like hot cakes.

Therefore, the key to the affiliate sales is in the features of the product.

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