Refer a Customer for Hosting and EARN $40

This is Christmas time and this means Offers…Offers and Offers.

Here comes our Offer this Christmas too. Now you can earn $40 for referring a customer into our “Unlimited Reseller LifeTime Hosting Plan.” How about this plan we are referring too:

Its a successful plan that we are having from last 1+ year now and just thought this Christmas that we should return the favor to all of our honest and sincere users. So, decided this plan.

What benefits you can get in this:

Unlimited Reseller means you can create unlimited Cpanel’s
DiskSpace= Unlimited
BandWidth= Unlimited
Linux Cpanel and WHM

I could not think of some better offer than this that we are giving away. This will be a two-way profit to the user who want to host their sites. As they will get lifetime hosting for just about $90 – Not to mention if you are the end user then you could also get a $40 discount so it means that in just about $50 you get a “Unlimited Reseller LifeTime Hosting”

For Details and subscription of plan please visit:

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