Right Time to Quit

People don’t ask this question to themselves – if they had then probably they would have been making lot more.

Analyzing the facts that what went wrong and how to correct is the other aspect of this question – but this is the first part of the question that you should ask yourself – if you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is All About Questions
This is right – how many questions you could solve in an affiliate program – you could make that much of money – this is the basic fact that rules the moneymaking in any affiliate program.

But the core question is – when to quit.
Marketing any affiliate program – or just embedding ads of any advertisement network such as CPC – link advertisements – or any method of making money through affiliate program.

Just watch for the full month – and if you see any progress – then proceed further but if you are still on the same track after a month – then this is the right time for you to quit.

Calculate Right Time
If you calculate the right time on the earning then probably you are wrong – calculations are never done on the amount of earning – but purely on percentage. See, a more popular website using the same affiliate program that you have chosen – makes more money and you after a month still cant reach half of it – this is bad calculation.

Simple calculation is to calculate on percentage basis of you’re own website earning through a particular affiliate program – and this has to be done as explained earlier on monthly basis.

Every affiliate program gathers monthly stats – so just open it and compare it with previous months earning – and if you see a upside graph at a minimum of 15-20% then surely you should go further with this program and anything below that is still digestible – since you don’t have any other program to promote.

To correct the ways of promotion and analyze what went wrong for a particular affiliate program – so you could make better earning next month is also the right approach. But still make a right quitting time – according to your best senses – so that you do not waste time experimenting.

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