Select a Free Affiliate Program

You’ve got thousands of new visitors coming to your website every week, and a steady base of committed readers. Your content is fresh and interesting, and now you are looking to take the few hand-picked advertising opportunities you have chosen for your website to the next level. If this describes the situation you are in, a free affiliate program is the best answer.

A free affiliate program describes the network of merchants interested in selling a product or a service a similar network of websites that are interested in advertising for these merchants at no cost to them for a commission.

In order to choose a free affiliate program that would work best for the readers of your website, take a look at the content your provide. If you host forums for gardening clubs, maybe you can join a free affiliate program with a seed company that pays for every catalog you get your readers to sign up for.

If your main focus is productivity in the tech-savvy, perhaps you can find a free affiliate program that directs readers to a merchant selling the latest in personal digital assistant accessories. If your website content provides a steady steam of readers interested in simple, earth-conscious ways of life, maybe you can find a free affiliate program that pays per click leading to the merchant selling preservative free cleaning solutions.

If you don’t feel comfortable providing your readers with the potential of sales of an existing good or service, you may be interested in joining a free affiliate program targeted to your content. Café Press is just one example of a merchant that sells t-shirts, hats and other products to your readers with your website’s logo or other content that you choose yourself.


When you choose a free affiliate program, make sure that it is exactly what it advertises to be – free. Some “free” affiliate program actually charge a website that terminates advertising for the vendor before certain amount of time has lapsed.

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