Something Wrong with Commission Junction these Days

I don’t know if this is just happening to me or you have also witnessed this on your CJ account too.

The Issue
I do get emails from advertiser about the new program they have started with CJ and they are interested in getting me as affiliate – the product seems attractive enough with good commission cut – some of the advertiser even paying on lead structure and others on sale but that’s also good enough.

The issue arises after the approval – when I visit that particular advertiser in CJ to get the affiliate creative to market their product – all pages seems blank – I thought that I was doing something wrong – so I tried everything but none is working.

None of the banners – textlinks or discount coupon creative is there in the advertiser account. This only happens to some of the newly started programs.

Even More
After seeing those blank pages I do email advertisers and tell them to correct this error or put creative – but you will be amazed to know that none of the advertiser responds to the email – despite they have a dedicated affiliate manager for this task in their program.

I don’t know what are they up to – first they only email with their exciting offer – approves the affiliate – but then don’t show up creative and don’t respond to emails.

I would like to know if this is happening with any other as well – I do sense this is not just my account error.

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