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The most important question for any blog or blogger and the reality is most of the bloggers must have not thought about it. There are many reasons that most of the bloggers who must have thought about this question but can’t follow due to other engagements.
But this post will be most helpful for all the beginner bloggers who want to take blogging as their professional career and are fascinated by the way pro-bloggers are working and making money through their blogs.
Things You Should Watch
I am not starting from basics of blogging because I think it’s much said about and at many places too. The only basic that beginners should keep in mind, is that the content they are including in the blogs must be made and not searched.
Now What’s the Difference
The simplest of difference which can be easily understood by any beginner blogger is that the content they are including in their blogs on the initial stages must not be re-written or reframed and the content should be original to the aspect that the similar description could not be searched on internet.
But some would ask this question, that how this is possible to have something really original and not re-written specially the bloggers who have just started the blogging, so I would suggest that don’t search for the news and happenings all over the internet but try to give reviews about something which you feel.
When you have accumulated some posts in your blog then you can re-write the topics that you feel has not been expressed nicely because till the time you will have some regular readers for your blog who might be interested in knowing your view on some particular topic, so re-writing any topic can might help.


One thing that has to be clear in minds that I am not saying that you should not search internet for some information that values your blog or blog post, but I am trying to make the point that searching for some information and just re-writing it in the initial stages is not recommended. You can search for information and then think about some related niche to the topic and write a post, this way the searching helps. Not just re-writing.

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