Acceptance of get paid to blog or product blogging

Blogs are making a good earning these days and is the hottest niche currently. This has opened a yet another earning opportunity for all business as well as bloggers. Blogs are opening a good earning areas for themselves and also to the advertisers, which has given rise to paid blog posts, reviews etc.

Get paid to blog about things is good earning area for bloggers as they get topics and can think more deeply because they are getting paid for this post.

I know it feels always nice that you are getting paid for writing, it’s a nice feeling after all, that someone is taking your writing and blogging seriously and paying for it.

Though these get paid to blog companies pay good amount to the bloggers and timely also and there is also no restriction on the paid posts, but these companies also have some acceptance criteria for blogs. Not all blogs or very amateurish blogs get accepted, the basic acceptance criteria is that your blog should be some days old and have regular posting for a number of period or months. The alexa rank also matters in this case.

So, if you are within that acceptance reach your blog could get accepted but those who are not accepted they should not be thinking that they have landed in the nightmare or this is the end.

As my previous posts were concerned on these kinds of stuff but to give an extra emphasis on the topic I am re-writing this.

As your blog is not accepted and you want to blog about products and services, as you think you are more capable of writing these kinds of stuff rather than making an blog of this kind (which you are currently reading).

Product Blogging

The best way to do this is make an account with CJ, shareasale, azoogle etc. and search for products as you might have search for “get paid to post” advertisers.

Choose one product or two each day visit the product website, collection as much information as necessary and then write about the product in detail explaining of how to use or merits and demerits of the product.

Don’t forget to post affiliate links on the specific location don’t just post that if you want to signup use this link, No! Try linking with some keywords to the product site. Keep a handy ratio when you actually choose an affiliate product to write a review about. Ratio in the sense that choose 60% of lead products and 40% of sale products, also to be kept in mind that when you choose lead products make sure that they give a cookie for xx number of days so that if that lead converts into sale then you also get profit out of it.

This way you can help you blog to built some posts and reviews and you can be consistent also because there will be no short of topics for you to write on. After you have reached the minimum criteria for the get paid to blog acceptance then you can again re-submit your blog. On the other hand you can also see the difference, which is working best for you. The affiliate product links or you are happier to get paid for your writing. This you can only help yourself no one can help you in this.

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