Avoid tricky blogging and be honest in your blog

Blogging as a career has always looked me more lucrative opportunity I have ever had been into or thought off. I hope you also have a nice time with your blog too. As we all blog around but there is another community of bloggers who actually spoofs in their blogging and the number of these bloggers are rising day by day.

Don’t figure that this is a bunch of bloggers who are doing this but famous bloggers recommend this in their blogs also, the point I am making out here is it is been advised also.

Now what’s actually being advised, it is always said that don’t monetize your blogs at the beginning and when your blog is able to get good amount of users then only start with your advertising.

How tricky is that:
I have read few blogs where bloggers actually claim that we are writing for the sake of the community of bloggers and they have huge abundance information, which they actually want to share, and don’t want to monetize the blog.

Just a day back I read a blog where the blogger has made some 7-figure income during these current months, it’s a combine income of all together 7-figure. Good Excellent, the first word that comes to any body’s mind. Right! I was also amazed and as all got really fascinated that a blog can make this much huge income by staying at an alexa traffic rank of around 20k.

I really tried to read the post that how did he actually made this possible and the point I was missing in my blog. When this all was going on I suddenly stopped by a comment from this blogger which said like this “I had vast knowledge and wanted to share, and I though if I would write a ebook and sell it for $97 it will be much, rather than sharing that information for free on my blog, this was the case I did not felt like monetizing my blog during first six-seven months, things changed when I opted with new design and monetize my website”.

Stealing Money

What made me stop to this of his comment, is that he wants to share the information and don’t actually want to make the money.

How true is that, it is also always advised that don’t advertise on your blog in initial stages, meaning actually you are cheating your users. You first said I don’t advertise and when your blog really became popular you are reaping the profits.

I mean a user a regular user can feel like cheated with this if he felt like the blogger is really of helpful and don’t want to make money of it.

My point is, if you actually want to make money with your blog there is nothing harm in it but don’t hide this from your user and I cannot digest this comment also that don’t monetize your blog at initial stages because user will feel like you actually wants to share information.
So, basically this is another marketing technique and nothing else from the heart of the blogger. I totally disagree with this though. Every blog is tending for making money and I don’t figure out if there is actually any harm in it. If the blogger actually shares some information and wants to have advertised to get some of the profit from his blog in the initial stages, what’s the harm? Unless you want to be a mahatma, and then stick your words don’t advertise ever or don’t say as I have quoted above.

I strongly advise that say clear, crystal clear thoughts to your blog users because time is not that far though you will be making money but if user actually understands this then your future is in nowhere.

Yes you are sharing some priceless information for free and if you are advertising you really want to make your user also aware of some facts that are being around and which could be profitable for your user. So make a blog start posting quality posts and advertise on your blog but make sure the advertisements are actually helpful for your blog users, then it will not matter if you are a beginner or a pro blogger.

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