Basic Principles of Doing Good Business

A principle reason for the successful business is how much you honor your customers. You have seen some shops or business places where you are just standing and no one is taking care off like what you want.

Same thing happens with the web business. You have to take care of your clients, as clients are the precious pearls, which one left your hand would never come back even if you have improved your services.

You must have seen that many hosting companies have their chat enabled and if you are visiting the page after a min they will send you a chat request and ask you whether you are not clear of something or want to have clarification on anything or just they want you to feel relax by saying “how can I help you”. This is the kind of service, which probably leads you high.

If you believe that you are good of services your provide even if you ignore your clients then the most obvious reason for this may be that your client has not got any thing similar to your product till now, or they do not have time to explore the new services available to them. But when they will discover anything they will never come back to you.

Also, the impression of your service among other users will be negative as the client which leaves you would not say good things and would actually point out the negative points for your services in public.

Never lie to your customers. This is the main reason of a bad counting service, that some service provider actually think that they are clever enough to fool their clients, just note one thing, that customer is never wrong and if you are thinking to fool customers in any way think differently because no one is fool.

Reason may be that they must have some less information on the area you are providing him the service but the lack of information is not foolishness because information can be updated within some time and your real face is in front of your customers that what you said to them for some service. So, never lie.


Another possible reason for a bad service is the shuffling of product price. You give one price to one customer and the price is different for other customer, this is not a good deal for business. Have a fix product price as this will take some time to establish but a respect for your product and service will rise.

So, these were some of the highlights, which could lead you on a successful entrepreneur path. The information I have written above was all based on my personal experiences and the pain I have gone through with many service provider in all these years.

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