Beware of Cheap Domain Offers

A few days ago I just stumbled upon an interesting thread on Webmaster forum – the user described in the thread – that he is providing domain for $1. Quite a juicy offer – isn’t it.

On the Internet where the minimum price rests at $4-5 – how can the domain be registered for $1 and that’s also a .com – quite unbelievable.

Don’t Fall Prey
This is what they try to do when they present an offer like this – they grab a coupon code and register – also happens to be some tweaks to this promotion code and some benefit to the system glitches – they register to you the domain for the unbelievable price of $1.

Discount codes are meant to be for promotion and not actually stealing the stuff – and in one way these people are actually stealing the stuff – which was meant to be for promotion purposes.

Now, when all is done – you get a domain at unbelievable price – after few days domain registrar cancels that domain – because it was registered in a non-ethical way.

The cancellation of domains by registrar is instantaneous some times – but usually it takes around 2-months to finally detect that a fraud transaction has occurred. In other way round – you cannot claim money for the domain paid – not essential though it was a dollar.

More that matters is the time you spend in the development and at the end of the day all is gone. Therefore, never ever try for these kinds of offers – as every company individually present coupons to your mail – so use them.

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