Buy Fresh Script or Installed

You must have seen that scripts market is growing very rapidly and you could get any kind of script, which you think off. Users interests mainly drive the growth of this sector as more and more people take interests in getting new scripts.

Whether To Buy Fresh
It’s not a piece of pizza that you should buy fresh always. The question in concern is to buy an installed script rather than opting for fresh script. This is mainly due to the data availability that you will get with installed script.

Just see what I am trying to convey is that if you want to start a similar website than you should look for other similar websites that are available for sale. Most people will say that if they start similar website then what’s the different the content will be termed as duplicate but just see what I have said that instead of buying fresh you should go for already installed script and buy a complete website.

Then you will have jump-start to your operations as you will get mileage of data and than you can add more data to enhance.

This particular logic can also be true if you are buying a database dump. As you can always add more and fresh data.


Not True for All
This particular will not work for all users and not for those who basically want to start a unique kind of stuff and want to start from scratch and have enough money and resources to invest and than reap the benefits.

Its obvious that script with data will cost more if compared to the fresh script but it will cost less also if you compare with the data costs that you will have to incur to build your site.

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