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Building a mailing list is must for any successful online venture – as how many users you have in your mailing list could easily bash up your online venture. Similarly there are ways to create mailing list of your own – but what service you should use to create your mailing list is the foremost thing.

Mailing List Service
Aweber is the pioneer in the mailing list creation service as it has some of the best online tools to get you started – but this is not a good gesture for all others as it do attracts a fee of $19 per month. You can start with $1 initially.

Despite of being everything perfect this service doesn’t attracts to much of users who are just starting their online venture – and basically the bloggers who want to built their mailing list initially.

Initially bloggers or anyone don’t want to invest much on a thing they are experimenting – though there are many other options as well – but they do also need some kind of investment on per month basis.

What is FREE
For bloggers who want to start building their mailing list for FREE – there are some plugins available which works exactly the same way as Aweber works – you can set the welcome message – email confirmation and can send the periodic updates and also your new blog posts.

G-Lock Opt-In is the kind of wordpress plugin which does it all for FREE. You can download it for FREE and it has every function that Aweber does, as I mentioned above.

Therefore, this wordpress plugin helps you in creating your first mailing list and that is also for FREE.

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