Differentiate between a blogger and a moneymaker blogger

You thought that writing a professional blog is writing a personal experience and can advertise your blog in such a way with some keywords as “make money online” or “free money making” and that’s it. With just few money making ideas and all other posts as writing a paid review about some product/service can give you fame.

I don’t think so this is so easy and it’s funny also with some famous bloggers who actually writes about the dinner experience and party or night out experience in their professional blogs, which is though claimed as money making blog.

Also, a close competitor writes criticizing about the comments and posts of other blogger that’s also in a professional blog and once again and money maker blog.

When I am writing this about some famous bloggers I did mean to say that is this a sense of writing a personal eating or outing experience in the blog. What’s more! people do visit to read about this in a very eager way.

Stop here open your eyes and understand what the person or in this case that blogger is doing for you. He is getting paid for the reviews he is writing and you think that these are helpful in money making techniques, also with reading about eating and outing experience of that particular blogger will not help in money making.

Some bloggers advertise about their earning that how much they have earned and what’s next! most of the hits are for this post only.

I can’t understand that why isn’t some of the popular post is from actual earning ideas? if the blog or the blogger is successful then people don’t calculate to what he is writing in terms of his earning. They just read on and get fascinated by the total.

Though these blogs are informational and you get a idea? Idea which idea? do they ever tell you how to make money and what are the writing skills in any post? and what topics are to be discussed in the posts and how the posts should begin and what to write and what to not?

They only give you views that how to be a successful blogger they don’t show you the way like we write here on infogle, describing and telling about an idea or a business plan and how to shape all this every thing step by step and in every possible detail.

So when next time you are visiting any famous blogger’s blog make sure you don’t read about the food habits or the daily routine. Just make sure that how much is the earning content and the posts which actual help you in money marking. This will save your time and next time you can figure out what is going on in your favor.

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