Discounts blogging a good way to promote your blog

Blogging is becoming competitive day by day and if one thinks about making income for a blog in a professional way its becoming hard day by day because you have to be specific and information first and friendly too. This means that you have to fast and your information must be new and you should have a friendly approach to your users.

As I said the blogging is becoming competitive day by day at the same time it’s becoming more business friendly too as getting more new ways every day to promote your website or blog to make a good steady income.

There is an earning opportunity for all of those either by blogging or by a website but I recommend to have a blog in this case because blogs give a vast platform for promotion and very easy to setup at it’s cost effective also.

To promote shopping products with an affiliate URL is already I have written about it that how you should promote shopping products or other products by means of product blogging. Now it’s turn of Discount Coupon Blogging.

Product blogging as I said is a good earning area, but just think about the coupon blogging. If you have been given a product to buy on and on the other side if you have been give a product with a coupon I am damn sure that most of the people will go for buying the product with a coupon, which claims to give some kind of discount on every purchase.

If you promote the Discount Coupons through a blog then you could even make more money through your blog. But both are different and the best to choose rests up to your choice of interest.

Promoting discount coupon blogging is much more easier.

How to do this:
Just signup for any affiliate program such as commission junction or any other affiliate program, which offer products for sale. As all the selling products in the affiliate programs comes with a discount coupon.

So, just write down a good review of the product and explain about the product in both ways so users get a clear view before purchasing. If your review about the product is nice so the promotion you will get is that you will be having a good listing on the search engines perhaps giving you good amount of users. Then rest leave up to coupon linking.

There’s some thing more I would want to share with you that if you are putting your affiliate links on the review description of product then place that code in an encrypted form so that you could get a maximum output.

Now, what is the best placement location for your discount coupon affiliate links? I am still thinking on this as there are many views on this and every view vary that how the placement can be done but not very clear information on the best placement. So I will try to research on this and give you a post soon on placements also. Till then just go ahead with this new opportunity of discount coupon blogging.

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