Do You Stress About Blogging

Is this your case when you are writing a blog post or any post in your blogs? If yes then you are in serious trouble. If you are not then kindly have a read to this as you might fall in stress in sometime.

Current and Past Blogosphere
In blogosphere everything is moving so fast and competition has been enormous these days, few days or months back the scenario was different altogether blogs were less and people included some of their quality timings on blogs and this initiated the reading habit among the other internet users and then came the becoming fan and also where there is herd you will find advertisers. So all this was happening some time before.

The scene has complete reversed these days bloggers are usually on the edge of your computer seats and looking for the information on the web and they are not investing their quality time but they are investing bulk of the time writing posts and updating blogs. The initialization of first on information is the biggest stress these bloggers are getting and leading to much stressful situation and other syndromes related to stress.

How to Avoid
To avoid stress in blogging is what one needed because stress does not brings out best from you rather you are taking bulky work and not enjoying it. When you don’t enjoy anything it means that you are tending towards stress.

Blogger should implement some of the following ideas of mine to avoid undue stress and to bring the quality in their blogs:

  1. Target yourself to number of posts that you can write on a day.
  2. Split your posts to varied interests that cover your niche. This way you will have attraction to wider audience group.
  3. Being first is not always happening, as the Google realizes on quality.
  4. Time target is necessary to post but give yourself some time before you get in to your blog.
  5. Don’t just stick for hours on Internet to search for information your mind could hand and you will find junks only and this will lead to stress so avoid this.


These are not the final or only points but these are some of the major factors that could ruin your blog career if you stress for your posts.

As I say things are not only learned by reading or following you can follow these points but you should continue to develop your own self improvement plan as everyone lives a different life, so best is to learn from experiences.

2 thoughts on “Do You Stress About Blogging”

  1. Thanks for this. I don’t really stress except in the manner of timing. I want to be sure that I get a post up at a certain time. To that end, I sometimes stress about having enough in the pool, if that makes sense.

  2. It can be a bit stressful when I blog a bunch on any given day so I try to limit myself if possible. So far I’m okay but I guess I’m still a bit new since I’ve been blogging for about two years. I’m counting the Myspace blog since my oldest blog had its one year birthday in May.

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