E-Zines (Online Magazines) Business

Overview Of Business Model
E-zines are online publications or online magazines. The content draws eyeballs and then your pages are worth advertising dollars. E-zines can be as specific or as general as the writers please, but the wise idea is to focus on a particular interest group that is active on the Web today and approach advertisers who are targeting that particular group for a source of profit.

There are Web-based e-zines where the visitor views the e-zine at the e-zine Web site and travels though the e-zine by clicking through the pages of the site. These types of e-zines have the look and feel of traditional magazines as far as page layout and graphics go.

There are also e-mail-based e-zines where a subscriber receives a copy of the e-zine on a regular basis via e-mail. These types of e-zines are generally short on graphics and heavy on content. They are generally very topic-focused and include three or four text-based articles on the subject matter.

Both types of e-zines have banner advertising, sponsorship, and subscription opportunities.

Skills Needed
An e-zine is a great idea for someone who loves to write passionately and concisely about any given topic of shared interest. The ability to use an HTML publishing program is a must. Web-based e-zines need images, so you should be able to process images optimized for the Web either through scanning or via digital photography.

Cost To Start This Business
You are creating content that comes from your own mind, so the biggest investment is your time. You will need a computer and the appropriate software along with a scanner and printer. You may want to invest in a digital camera for those pursuing Web-based e-zines. Start-up costs will also include the design, development, and hosting of your Web site. The start-up costs for this type of business will generally run between $3,000 and $20,000. Ongoing costs will be your time and occasionally paying guest or staff writers for their stories.

Number Of Employees Needed To Start
Starting off, you need only one employee, not even full-time if that’s not what you can fit into your schedule. For more content, you may want to take on some other writers who contribute, and for this you can usually pay them per story.

International Potential
This business’s international potential increases if it’s translated into the major languages of the globe. English is widely accepted, however.


Important Business Issues To Be Addressed
E-zines are pretty straightforward. Be careful to write in a clear and precise manner and remember the audience the whole time you are composing articles; make sure you continue to appeal to the same niche of readers; and watch for other sites encroaching on your content. It happens all the time.

Have a detailed Web traffic analysis package on the server on which your site is hosted so that you can show advertisers accurate information about your site traffic.

Online Marketing Techniques

  • Participating in newsgroups and discussion forums related to your target audience would be a great way to increase exposure of your e-zine and traffic to your Web site.
  • Launching a strategic banner advertising campaign on topic-specific Web sites would generate targeted exposure for your e-zine.
  • Develop links from as many Web sites, directories, and meta-indexes related to the topic of your e-zine as possible.
  • Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.
  • Participating in publicly accessible opt-in mail lists related to the topic of your e-zine would be a great way to communicate with your target market.

Additional Income
Additional income comes into play by selling your stories to other e-zines and being hired to write articles. Also, if you are talented in publishing HTML articles, other writers may hire you to produce their content in Web format.

You can join the affiliate programs of providers of products or services that your target market may be interested in. For example, if your e-zine is about Internet marketing, you could join Amazon’s affiliate program and recommend great books.

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