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You must have seen those Cashback offers where you need to buy something and they refund you a part of the money. Mostly in Cashback offers you need to pay the same or may be somewhat more amount, if you have seriously calculated. But the opportunity I am talking about here is, though Cashback but it’s more like fundraising and charity work. You get tons of profit while you shop around for the brands.

About Offer
Froggybank – “You Shop We Pay” is the slogan of the site very much true and close to reality. The offer is quite simple: You have to make an account with the site. You shop around and the Cashback promised by the brands to the Froggybank is 100% passed to you. And then you decide what do you want to do with the earnings, whether you want to keep it or give it away in charity.

Yes! Charity as I said this is also used for fundraising so nice way to get some blessings if you donate your amount is charity or else save for you. In the site there are many top retailers like Tesco, Currys, Comet, WHSmith, M&S, BT, Dell, Sky, HMV and 1500 more.

Earning Plan
They have a quite good earning plan for all. Froggybank gives you £2.5 per referral. Also they have an affiliate program, which lets you earn around £0.60 per free signup.

No hidden costs and no minimum payment threshold. The offer is quite easy to promote as it is having the free signup with earning offer.

More About
Froggybank promises to give you the maximum Cashback offers from any other site for the same offer and if there is some difference so they promise that they will match.

Also, the customer service will answer to any of your queries within 24hrs and if not then Froggybank will pay you £1.0 for every day delayed.

Signing up is quite simple. In account you also get the option to create your own page with your detail and your own logo to let better promote your page since it will give a personal touch and people who signs up will let you earn a referral fee.


Some More Information
Not only the referral money is the earning criteria as I said they also have an affiliate program which pays you £0.60 for every users that signup with your affiliate link. This affiliate program is available in CJ.

It’s a better way to support your charity organization by the most ordinary way you do it every day. The prices for brands are the same plus you get extra benefits.

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