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Dreaming about earning from a blog is good, but in reality it’s not that easy, the basic reason for this the blogger is not consistent about the writing on his blog or is not passionate to feel about the topics one is writing.

This is the basic reason that most of the blogs fail, but since people are more inclining towards this kind of opportunity, so there has to be some way for the bloggers who are not consistent and in actual they want to earn from the blog but don’t feel to write.

Now, is there a way you can use for blogging, in which you don’t have to write and yet make an income?

Certainly yes, you can use other famous blogger blog posts to build up your blog. Let me explain this in detail:

How does this shapes:
Just make a simple blog with the niche you are comfortable and always like to read because this is important as you will have to include the content you are reading you cannot include the content which you are not believer off.

When you configure the blog with the kind of template you need. Just make a list of the blogs you readily visit and think that you must write be able to write like this. Next, there is a plugin called “auto content blogs”, what this plugin do? It actually makes you blog working automatically without any intervention of you to write on this.

Blog without Blogging

This works on RSS feeds. As I have written previously to make list of blogs, just visit that blogs of your listed choice and collect all rss feeds locations of the blogs. Then its very simple you just have to enter your RSS feed URL to this plugin and your site gets started.

Is this legal? Yes very much you are not crawling or copying the actual blog post, you are all the way linking to the blogs RSS feeds and in your site where these feeds will be displayed like a post below that the link to the site will be present and the post will be just a summary of the actual post. For viewing an example of how this auto content blog works you can view http://all.infogle.com

Now, about the earning area, its simple all the way, you just have to put the ads of CPC, CPM, affiliate URLs and all.

Everyday or whenever the original blogs get updated at the same time it will be reflected in your blog too.

This kind of stuff emphasis me to write that blogging is not all the way to write about but blogging is somewhat related to content blogging. As in this case you don’t write but you know the actual locations of the blog where quality content is being written and this you are sharing with your users.

This does not mean that you are making their blogs popular this true in some cases but actually you are clubbing various blogs to make a single blog, and users or the visitor is always interested for the fresh content and as you make your user interested in your blogging, as in this case its rss linking, so your user will be always wanting to visit your blog because he don’t have to search for the quality information all the time its available at one place.

Great content, consistent blogging makes a successful blog but here it subjects to great linking and rich content blog that make a good income.

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  1. hmm, didnt expect this sort of a technique but I really doubt that it actually happens in real life, if it did. You wont setup this blog in the first place 😛

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