Exciting Feature from Bidvertiser WIN-WIN

Offer that also from advertiser point of view is really nice as because never really had heard about a nice offer for advertisers who advertises for his product.

Here is this really nice offer for advertisers who advertise PPC (Paid Per Click) way. What’s so nice and why I am excited to tell you all. The reason being you actually get a free $20 click for every new advertiser account. Yes you have read it right $20 for free clicks.

It actually pumps up lot because as if you are new advertisers you are always willing to test your skills in advertising and all the way all are concerned about the expenses this PPC will incur on you, so this makes every webmaster a little bit hesitant to take the PPC services. True enough, I am not saying that thinking this way is wrong actually all thinks this way only. But not there is a way to think the other way. To test your PPC skills and that also with not a less amount $20 in free clicks.

Now how to actually take benefit from this ?
Simple answer is just sign up for a bidvertiser advertiser account and deposit money. One more thing i missed out is that in bidvertiser you can deposit via paypal also, isn’t it nice. Now you dont have to worry about the credit card and its limits and not obviously just checking your advertiser account n-number times in a day that you might have not jumped over the limit and your card would have been charged.

Hassle free solution from bidvertiser by taking paypal payments. As you deposit the payment of $20 via paypal into your bidvertiser advertiser account within 24-48hrs the credit of $20 will be made in your account by bidvertiser people and believe me they are nice in these doings.

So, you can test the skills of your own with this free credit money you have got. Write the ads – choose the keywords – category – country and start advertising.

The part now comes that when actually you have finished the free credit of $20 just pause your advertisement and analyze the traffic you have got and the mistakes you have done and where you have been lacking and what actually does your ads text would have been or where did you lack in keywords, category or may be the country choice. Simply analyze all this and you might see the changes you have got.

Lastly; as you understand all things and want to start again. Just resume your advertisement or write a new one. Its a win-win situation because you got the knowledge from first part by spending $20 and the next part of $20 is you are sure what you are doing. In both the cases hits have been made to your site and the customers which you have got is yours.

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