Google Video for Business

New innovations are around and here is an another from the market leader in search and PPC the new opportunity described as Google Video for Business is likely to know from the name that the opportunity is for business people who want to have their business videos hosted online.

Many would just like to think that why not YouTube for hosting any kind of videos and why business videos when one can get free exposure if one hosts on YouTube. Nice thought but it does have many features that will naturally attract the users of what is of its kind.

How this Shapes
This addition of Google Video for Business has been done in Google Apps. It comes with a cost and of $50 per user per year and I don’t think it’s much as the videos hosted under it can be of 300MB in size and as the apps premier subscriber has 3GB of account space.

Also, Educational users of Google Apps can use this service free for first 6-months and thereafter will be charged $10 a user.

The feature list if broad so kindly visit the following link to see more details about the Google Video for Business.

Who To Use
This is basically for the use of private video sharing or some workers in organizations to share their private work, which is actually very precious and need to be protected. Also, as per the video file size is defined at 300MB size it would work for 1hour duration.

Also, fits best for the educational videos and private education needs. Where person can download his lessons videos by this help and don’t actually want to see the lessons in parts.


All in all this is the nice offer for the private organization users to share their important videos hassle free.

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