Hosting Business Starters

I see that these days every other user is jumping into hosting business. The simple reason is the hosting cost is now very cheap and it’s just required to purchase a reseller account and design and site and launch your hosting business.

Is it only this much? I recon this is just the fairy tale part of the story, as the truth lies within the business.

People Start
Though the hosting part is attractive on earning point, as you don’t have to build anything. If you have a server or any reseller account you just have to login and create the account or in some a sub-reseller and you enjoy money which is paid monthly or yearly in my case its life time.

Problem Starts
Not only the earning is the part one has to look but also the responsibility is much high in hosting rather than in any business. Someone is depending on you for the full business, of whatever niche he does.

Thing you need to know
As the beginner you are not known to many of the problems arises when you take on hosting business and host some clients with you. You need to keep in mind the following before starting hosting as a business:

  1. Take reseller account from any trusted person don’t go with any new getters and my previous view “ask as much questions as necessary”.
  2. Never ever say no to your customer and if possible try to arrange for any possible solution at your end so that the customer don’t go searching for some alternative.
  3. Try to answer customer queries there and then and be responsive to the actions.
  4. As you start with reseller accounts, therefore this is possible that your server might be down for some hours so email your clients describing about the issue and resolution time.
  5. Always say the truth and don’t try to cheat your customer any way.


Jumps into
There are many teens in the business too so make sure that you buy your reseller plan from any professional site. I am saying teen because there are seriously people of 13-17 years of age.

They are good when you pay them but they become unresponsive when they have to answer. Therefore just make sure what are you trying with the business.

“Good – Support – Earn” is the basics of hosting business and try to follow this, if not then there are very less chances of you to get succeed.

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