Important Network News – Has Changed

I received an email of an important network update. You must have read the review on my blog. The network change news is related to them only.

Nothing to worry! As you must know about network has been active in India for a while with their foreign subsidiaries of and

Update from Axill
They have changed themselves from axill to SMXchange-WEB. As detailed information provided by Axill that who are SMXchange-WEB:

SMX – web is a revolutionary Internet advertising and publisher network, which focuses on enabling optimized inventory management to match the evolving needs of online advertisers.

SMX – web pools the inventory from multiple websites, getting them on a common platform and offers advertisers a single window solution with complete control of their online campaigns. SMX – web has thousands of leading websites, which collectively deliver over 1 Billion impressions per month, making it India’s largest online affiliate network.

Promise from Axill
Axill has also mentioned in their declaration email that with their new name they will continue the operations with same team. So for people who would be worried about a complete makeover they should not worry as they will have the same team to serve them as previously with axill.


Rest everything remains the same. No change in the account area also, with the same looks. The only change I can think that could happen to the network is you can see some more attractive and new offers in your account area. As per the posture of the new home page looks like.

People need more education in the matters of hosting, particularly where people do not know how much the domain names matter in marketing.

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