Measures for adsense earning down

The word is out as most of the users were experiencing this and it has also shown the same results in some of the poll that adsense earning is down for atleast 55% of the users. Who were actually making good amount until now.

There has been many reasons for this fall as the poll conducted with about 150 participants and the answer was out soon. This is happened due to some of the google implementation of techniques which are more advertiser friendly than publisher.

“Google’s smart pricing feature automatically adjusts the cost of a keyword-targeted content click based on its effectiveness compared to a search click. So if our data shows that a click from a content page is less likely to turn into actionable business results — such as online sales, registrations, phone calls, or newsletter signups — we reduce the price you pay for that click.”

This has also been marked that some of the adsense sites have nothing to write about and they are just made for adsense, too many ads on the page irrelevance of the content and also about the confusing layouts, which are not termed as user friendly. The biggest point mentioned in the report that recession in the economy could lead to recession in the adsense earning too.

So, its highly recommended for the users that you should think about some other network methods for earning as adsense is not much off dependability now. There are some hot and happening programs in the market currently and if you see the previous 2-3 posts there have been mentioned some nice earning opportunity.

Now the thing is quite clear that the era is finished in which people just make the site for adsense which were called MFA(made for adsense) you cannot earn from those websites any more and you need some quality content that will make your website more visitable and also more click-able. This not only applies with adsense, this applies to all other networks also that you should make unique content if you are serious of earning from PPC.

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