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Blog is the next big gift from the Internet world to us. Everybody is blogging today and the blogging has also given a new stream of business to appear apart from the old Internet business, which were boring enough. Also, given a chance to the people who are not so techy and at the same time want to earn a steady income from Internet, can now turn to blogging. Blogging is really the big gift from the Internet world.

You can blog about anything-anywhere-anytime. A part from just blogging this area has emerged as a good income stream for many around the world. At the same time as the blogging and blogs in the blogosphere rose it’s become more competitive then any other opportunity available on the Internet.

People blog about anything that comes to them in their personal blogs and company blog about their company affairs and a professional blogger blogs about the things that matter much to his audience and niche. There’s variety of blogging platforms available that you can choose and write whatever you like or what you choose to write.

When you are blogging if you are thinking about a professional blogging career or about extra earning from a blog you should be aware of the facts that blogging is easier but it comes with a variety. Why I choose the word variety because as the blogging and blogs rose so its now a competitive world then a sweet world where you can blog and people will visit and you earn from CPC or CPM or whatever method. Things have changed far from this.
Now if you are blogging you must be able to choose the right platform available and most important is choosing the right “plugins”. Yes plugins – “you never thought about this” isn’t it! But plugins play a big-big role in the blogosphere.

Choosing a right plugin for your blog as important as you choose your blogging platform. The best and obvious choice of most of the bloggers is wordpress. So, choose the right plugin for your blog.

Some of the important plugins available and its must if you are thinking of a professional blogging career or just thinking to earn some extra cash:

  • Akismet: To protect spam on your blogs.
  • Social Book Marking: This helps you in making a direct link to the book marking website so the user don’t have the make efforts to bookmark your blog they can do this right way from your blog. This is more of user-friendly plugin.
  • Any blogging community plugin in this case you can choose “mybloglog”. It gives a vast platform for your blogs.
  • Popular post: This plugin makes a widget of popular posts from your blog and you can place it in the sidebar. This gives an extra boost to your blogs. As people can see your good work.

For all these plugins you have to visit:

And search yourself, I could have given you direct link also but to make your more aware of the fact that how the plugin is being searched and if you do it yourself you could have remember more and also could enhance your blog more if you find some more great plugins. Just right the plugin name in the search, which I mentioned and you will get the plugin, if still you have difficulty in finding the same. Do post your comment here and I will be happy to give you the direct link.

So, the point is very much clear now that you must have right plugins straight way for your blogs to make more out of your blogs.

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