Myths about rewriting topic in blogs

Today I read the most hilarious thing I have ever heard, not ever heard, I have been hearing or reading these kinds of stuff for a while but from the mouth of some famous bloggers is quite funny.

Bloggers open your eyes and see the world, and don’t stick your self to the basics or rather I called them as myths.

The point I have read which I thought was funny, it was said that “don’t write about the content already available” are you serious? When you are guiding someone to not do such things. I hope not because no one knows that how useful is that content and is that content the end of the world? There’s always a better way out, if you are thinking that the content you are writing about is already written then you are looser and take my word you will never ever be successful in blogging.

Don’t ever think this way that this is the end of the road, think positively as what better you can describe of write about the topic which is already been written about. Only this will be able to help you to stand out from the crowd.

Let me more help you with this one. If you read about some content and thinks that some points are missing and it should be included in the topic, also if you think that this is not informative enough and there could be more content in this topic. Then just don’t wait go to your blog grab the topic and write whatever you feel was missing and information you want to add. Also do one thing make a comment to that article linking to your post which describes well about that topic. This way the user will actually make how better is the topic described and what was missing.

Blog Myths

Don’t just copy be original this is the basics, but describe in your way you want to about the topic.

As always not every blogger is quick enough to get first to the topic and not the first to the topic gains more this is all myth about blogging. You have to be clear and specific when you are writing about the topic, which is already been written about.

Blogging is all the way to express oneself in a professional way. Also after reading this, some blogger will feel that attacking to somebody is not obvious and one should always avoid this because you never know which territory your users are from.

So, my answer would be that you are not attacking anybody rather you are make a correction or making the post informative to the extent that will make a user more interested in reading about the stuff that is been detailed. As I said above don’t worry about the search engines and about the content you are writing has been already written because you are expressing in your way and till you are unique in your words and not copying the stuff, search engines will crawl you.

Chances are that you must be ahead of that post, which you have re-written describing more informatively. Therefore, don’t always believe what is always said, think your way and think positively.

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