Negative and Positive of Offers

You must have seen many offers to attract users to a particular product website/blog/forum. Most of these offers are of getting paid to add content to the website/blog/forum. As these offers are very lucrative and everyone can have it.

These kinds of offers have its own merits and demerits and in this post I would analyze whether it’s more towards positive or you are digging a pit with these.

What I believe
I strongly believe that these offers are more of creating an instant buzz among the niche users who want to make some quick bucks.

Giving money to add content is good to an extent but I do not believe that I t creates the credibility at the end of the day.

How it Works
You pay some xx amount to the users and get the content added to your website/blog/forum. But this will not create the user coming back ratio. As they have worked for money and there is nothing that could attract them back to the website.

I am talking here about a similar clone of popular website; you could attract users for a while but not always. Because not many people are interested in these kind of offers. As they come for some valuable and unique information, which I don’t think you could get by distributing the money.

Don’t mix it with the revenue sharing forum because they have a different logic of work.

What Could Be Right
I would suggest that hire some professional service people to create the content for your website/forum/blog. Also don’t just depend on one subscribe for 2-3 content creation service for a better solution.

Do Not Open Up
Keep your content creation talk a secret and do not open up that you are paying anyone to have content created on your website/blog/forums.

Believe me this will not create or add any credibility to your website rather this will act as a degrading factor if you disclose that you are paying.


Try This If You Want To
If you are very keen with your offer that you are ally want to give away to your users then have some useful giveaway to them. Just give them credits or coupons or try free domain or subscription of any service.

I hope it must be clear to you by now that don’t distribute money directly to users. By offering interesting stuff you will attract a wide variety of users to your website/blog/forums and also it will be a great motivating factor to your users likewise adding credibility.

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