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I am very excited to share this information that in infogle also I have started a new section about PHP scripts.


About Section
This section is made for the PHP people who are always searching for new scripts and applications. The section is completely categorized with the different categories. It is having more than 10,000 scripts indexed.

It will be a dedicated section for the PHP scripts only.

Easy Usage
PHP section is very easy to navigate and you can find any new and old scripts indexed in it. There is also a review, rating, and tell a friend option.

From which you can view or write a review about the product. At the same time you can also rate the product according to your experiences. Also you can tell your friends about any particular script or application which you want to share, as it is very easy to do.

PHP Infogle

The rating system is almost instant and you don’t have to register for this and for submitting a review also you don’t have to register just post your review and once your review is approved it will be appear on your site.

Be a Part of PHP Section
You can also be the part of PHP section as you can submit any of your script developed in PHP platform and once approved it will be appeared on website.

SEO Friendly
The reason of that might pump up the section quickly is the SEO friendly url’s, all indexing url’s is displayed in the .HTML extension, as search engine is always hungry about this.

You are always welcome to give me any feedback about this section and tell me what you like and what you don’t and what can be done to improve this section more.

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