We all know selling on the Internet is quite a big task and it’s not at all easy. As there are big hurdles first to choose the right product for your niche and if the product develops how to market it and most of all is how to collect the payments? This is the major factor in the selling online and most of us do hesitate because of the methods of accepting money for the sale.

The trusted methods of accepting money and that’s also for without a taking a subscription or integration price is Paypal. Yes paypal do is the leader in the business but it has some of the minus points, which are de-grading its popularity and credibility.

The major factor being the dispute portion, which is to be handled far more sensitivity then it could look. As I came across to some users question these days that they have delivered the service and now the client is asking for the money back. I mean this is ridiculous in business sense but some crooks also do this to take the advantage of weak points in the paypal dispute.

Is there any factor, which can ruin these ill practices of dispute? I say yes it can be you just have to take care of some points:

  1. You should always keep the emails and records of all conversation you are doing with the buyer.
  2. Try to take any acknowledge letter when the work is half completed or may be 74%. Email the buyer about the service completion situation and asks for the comments. This record is though helpful when a dispute is illegally opened.
  3. Also try to publish records in the email if you are giving a directory submission, seo, hosting or delivering the ebook.

The most important matter which can help protect spam in case you are dealing with the ebook selling is: don’t ever try to give your ebook instantly upon payment received. As some spammers can easily make payments from any paypal account and later the actual user may complain to paypal about this unauthorized transaction and you will have a charge back. Try to avoid instant delivery I know this could be tedious job but after all you will save money rather than loosing it.

One more important point to keep in mind though also you are not making instant deliveries is to email the client to the same email from which he has paid you and ask him to confirm that you have purchased the service by replying to the confirmation email. This way you can be sure that the actual buyer has paid you because if the spammer hacks the paypal he will not be able to hack the email of the same, so you land in safe area.

So, just keep some basic points in mind while trading and keep using paypal. Enjoy your cash and selling.


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