Scripts that monetize your business and which not

Everyone wants to get a quick start on the Internet business but is there any short cuts to this or can anyone do this for you. As some sites promise to do this by taking on there script package and installing it on your server location and start your online business. It’s that easy? Always when it’s too easy to believe it’s always lands in the unknown territory.

It’s everywhere now that some sites promises to make you money by installing there scripts and just register a domain and you are started. Yes true but they don’t mention the efforts and ways how to monetize your website.

Also to keep in mind that you may buy some script for very cheap from its original costs by its reseller or from its reselling copy. The point of concern is not the cost, but the website you are making. If you tend to make a website with a PHP script which is not search engine friendly you might get this script for just about $1 or $5 to its original costs may be around $40-$50 but this does not make any sense to your business because the search engine may hate this script and you may land nowhere in the online community.

The best and the easy way to look out for a script that you think can make your money is that it must be search engine friendly. If you look at the scripts, which were published in 2004-05-06 all are simply useless and they are not, optimized enough to give you a profit in the current scenario of search engines.

You must get an offer now that you can get the scripts for $1 or $5 which were published a year back or two and you may think that it’s the nicest offer you have ever got, but face the reality if those scripts were profitable enough why would then they be sold for just some bucks. I am not saying that the scripts that were unhealthy at the time of making NO! At the time of making those scripts there was no search engine optimization technique and a good meta-tag can even rank you on search engines, but things have changed as the traffic on the Internet.

In the current era you have to have search engine optimized pages and if more you can get then they must be search engine friendly url’s too, I am not saying that they are a must but its good to have search engine friendly url’s. Things have changed now and its not the meta-tag that ranks you on search engines its about the content that help you rank on search engines.

So, whatever website you are making just demands for the content a written content/ article I am talking about. You can start a website of auction with the same as ebay site but just don’t forget to include some of the unique articles this is must. The uniqueness of the content is the only key to the success.

Therefore, its recommended to have search engines friendly script rather than having only a PHP script which is not search engine friendly and does not gives out search engine friendly url’s. Invest in the scripts there is nothing harm in it the companies are making beautiful and business friendly scripts but just keep some above points in mind before going for a purchase.

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