SEO tools and business behind it

There’s a new day and as the update is required and these days I am more towards the earning method techniques, so here is on more profitable output that can be figured out and most of all can be earned with this kind of method for a long term and with less taking care off.

Every one these days are curious about SEO and techniques behind it and how to achieve the best SEO possible, but I think that most of the people around us those who are actually searching for SEO methods they also and always are keeping a watch on there SEO links and where does the SEO position stand for them for any particular site they have optimized.

On the other side client is always anxious to know about the output that has been given to him so he is always checking the SEO links for his site and also the position where does he or his stands.

Now that these people are anxious-curious and want to find the results of their work, why can’t this be figured out for earning? Don’t be confused; I am talking about the SEO tools and business behind it.

There may be plenty of sites about this but this is still not reaped much in respect the earning. I can only figure out some sites offering a limited kind of SEO tools (not taken in consideration the big sites) but have you ever checked the rank status of those websites, which are offering a less variety of SEO tools. The ranks are pretty high just make a random search to some website you know and been searching for SEO results.

As the rank is high so this attracts an earning opportunity and thus makes the niche more attractive.

SEO Tools

From where you have to start:
Just take some SEO tools of its kind as page rank script, back links script, seo position script, alexa ranking script, combine it with some other scripts such as ping service, whois, dns record service and some server dedicated scripts.

When you combine all this you will get a customized script, if you think you can’t do this then you can probably help made it from someone. There will be not much cost but certainly some cost would be there.

Setup your site and as I am always recommending and you must have read in my previous posts that have a blog on the site for which ever kind of your are making. So just make a blog in this site and inter-link all things properly that if user visit the seo tools location can also see a blog link and vice versa.

In blog just talk about the latest offering of your SEO tools and how one could reap some profits from it while judging the actual SEO position of his site. Also, how to analyze the results from these SEO tools? As not much SEO tool website give you how to analyze. This way you can get a returning user to your website for results and for analyzing techniques which you will describe in blogs and also describe about the new kind of seo technique if any comes out in the market.

Lets now turn to monetizing:
As you setup the site and made a blog just advertise to some extent for your site and if user find some informative content so definitely would like to visit again to read and to search for SEO results.

You can help your self with many affiliate programs as adsense, bidvertiser and other CPC networks. I strongly recommend going initially with CPC methods and if you see a good unique visit ratio then switch yourself to other CPM methods.

For blog you can always have text-link-ads and if your blog or site doing well can also get private advertising.

One more important thing I forgot to tell you that this site demand very less updates as in SEO tools you don’t have to update things daily and also in blog you can write 3-4 times a week. So if you want to have a site and don’t want to have quick updates done this is the kind of site, which can be worked for you.

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