Tracking Will Become Difficult with Times

We all know how affiliate companies work with their affiliate tracking tools by leaving a tracking cookie in the system – to record sales and leads. This is the basic of any affiliate company.

But recent news has shaken the affiliate world quite a bit – with leading web browser Mozilla announced of anti-tracking tools.

Mozilla has also urged other browser companies – to implement this in their browsers. With this implementation it would be rather difficult for the affiliate companies and literally impossible to track the sales.

This is happening because to protect the data of the private users and not be used for marketing purposes. Fedral Trade Commission (FTC) is said to have called for this creation of do-not track system.

But this is not all true that tracking will completely stop – because the browser companies do understand the implications involved and the new implementation could only block the unwanted tracking.

Good that they are just blocking the unwanted tracking – but with new affiliate companies opening everyday, I don’t understand what they will call as unwanted tracking – and how will they tweak the systems to only block the unwanted tracking.

Till the systems implemented – we are good to use affiliate companies but scene is not looking so good for the affiliate industry.

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