Web Master Business Plan

Overview Of Business Model
Web masters are becoming a necessity for the survival of small businesses and large corporations alike. Web masters are sometimes the original designers of the sites they maintain, but the term Web master throughout the new media industry also means a person who has the ability to edit and manage several Web sites.

Web masters may be responsible for updating and maintaining a site, or they may be responsible for running specific elements of a Web site such as the affiliate program. Web masters may take a contract to provide Internet marketing services for a particular client to promote its Web site through newsgroups and mail lists. For another client, they may choose to help them achieve higher placement in the search engines.

There are several ways that Web masters define business relationships with clients. You can have a specific contract to provide services for a set fee, you may charge by the hour and price the work by the level of difficulty, or you may be working full-time for one client. The ways in which Web masters operate are still being defined in the industry, but it seems we will see more and more Web masters.

Skills Needed
Web masters definitely need to know the HTML programming language and how to access virtual servers in order to update clients’ Web sites as a benchmark. Graphic design capabilities and knowledge of other multimedia programming languages such as Macromedia Flash, Java, Perl, CGI, and others will increase your value as a Web master. Knowledge of Internet marketing techniques is a must.

Cost To Start This Business
Because you are a Web master, you shouldn’t need to outsource the development and design of your Web site. You will need to pay for the hosting. Software will be one of the main start-up expenses. Programs like Dreamweaver, Front Page, Adobe Photoshop, and so on, are needed. You will need a computer, a printer, a scanner, and a digital camera. High-speed Internet access is a must. Estimated cost is $3,000 to $15,000 to start.

Number Of Employees Needed To Start
The number of employees needed to run this type of business is one organized Web master, and you can start off working part-time from home.

International Potential
This business has strong international potential. Most clients prefer to know their Web master because there is an element of trust involved when you work with FTP access to their Web site. It’s highly possible to work while you travel, however, and meet with your clients from time to time.

Important Business Issues To Be Addressed
In the Web master business world, contracts are the top priority within the scope of business issues. The industry is quite competitive because the entrylevel skills such as HTML are easy to learn and there are many people calling themselves Web masters who will work for very little.

Make sure you carefully define your responsibilities and pricing with your clients, and be aware of their learning curve while explaining to them the value of your services and the importance of hiring a Web master who delivers quality work for fair prices.

Passwords are the only security a Web site has, so make sure you respect this during and even after your contract is completed.


Online Marketing Techniques

  • Include a portfolio on your site with all your past projects and include testimonials about your service from your clients.
  • Enter your work into design contests online and post any awards you may receive on an awards page.
  • Optimize your site for organic search placement. Consider participating in the major search engine pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Develop a comprehensive link strategy. Generate as many links to your site from appropriate Web sites, directories, business service cybermalls, and meta-indexes as possible.
  • Join online communities and networking groups of other Web masters.

Additional Income
You could generate additional income by expanding your skill set to include graphic design and online marketing techniques. This would increase your value as a Web master, and if your service is professional and fairly priced, you will enjoy longer contracts with your clients.

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