Webmaster Market Place Launched

Proud to launch the New Webmaster Market Place on Infogle.com at http://market.infogle.com

You can list your webmaster products in this webmaster market place for free of charge. You can list your templates for sale, sites for sale, databases for sale, domains for sale etc. You can also buy the similar products listed in this Market Place.

Why its different? because its free of charge and dedicatedly this is made for webmaster products only. Famous vBulletin board has been used which is far more user friendly and most webmaster use this. Also its “itrader” enabled, so no issue you can easily view the ratings of the others users you are dealing with.

More, you can also advertise your services or if you are looking for some services you can also look at this. So all in all this is the complete platform designed for the webmaster working and buying and selling.

Also i will try to keep the spammers as away as it can be. So this could be a clean and enjoyable and wealthy trading forum for all.

Vist: Webmaster Market Place Happy Trading!

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