Zimbra: A Real Wonder Desktop Application

Time for modification and innovation again. A few years back when we all discovered the new messaging called email the world was excited enough to mail. You know the reality daily hundreds of email messages were sent, and some were really short, just as hi and how are you because people were amazed with the email ability at that time.

Later to the addition was chatting and till now it’s the handiest tool to communicate in whatever situation are you and whatever service are you using. Now is time for email innovation again and this time it’s even better.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite
It’s an extremely useful desktop application for everyone. The feature list is so big that you will be really excited to know:

  1. Better Inbox Client.
  2. Calendar sharing with your users.
  3. Map function.
  4. Call Function from your email.
  5. Advanced Search.
  6. Web2.0 AJAX Technology.

And many more useful features you really have to explore it. It can easily setup zimbra, Yahoo Mail, Aol, and Gmail accounts. What’s more any POP or IMAP email account can be added to zimbra desktop.

It also working offline if you need it I reckon because these days all want to be connected to the web life all the time. Best alternative to replace outlook.

You have to see it to believe it. At Zimbra they have a demo ready to show the options and advantage of zimbra desktop. Just follow the link and I promise it will worth the time you spend on seeing the demo. Click Here for Demo

Who is Zimbra? It’s a Yahoo! Inc Company. It’s an open source application. Yes! And you can download it for free. The application is available for all users whether its Mac, Windows or Linux.

This application is so cool and easy to use that I have uninstalled my outlook application. Most adored feature in my view is the appointment sharing with your users. If you do any change in the appointment they will be automatically notified. This is pretty rich application and user-friendly too. So just download to try it.

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