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These days selling products is not an easy task – due to increase of websites and spam in search engines it’s getting difficult even for the genuine offer to climb-up in the search results.
Also, warez is increasing. Due to which selling a digital product has become difficult and that is why all companies are giving out discount offers to attract the users. Clickbank products are no exception.
Clickbank Products for Less
If you like any clickbank product and you are not comfortable with the price and want to get some discount on the normal price – then – just close the clickbank product website.
Yes! If you want to get discount on the clickbank products – then after opening the product website – close it – you will get a discount message popup – just before the browser closes – ‘click cancel to see’. So, you get your first discount.
Not only once, some clickbank products are offering discount on discounts – it means when you first close and get a discount message and again if you are not happy and want to try – then close that page again – if the advertiser is offering more discount then again a discount message will appear.
On an average – you can get a product for almost 40%-50% discount.
It is the best way – to get discounts on clickbank products. Also, you are getting the product legally. You could say this is the buying hack for clickbank products.

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