Blogger and ProBlogger Information Standards

Most of the bloggers who are just fascinated by the blog income and start a blog can’t actually differentiate between the blogger and a pro-blogger. Does this create confusion among the new herd of bloggers at any step? Yes it does!

How this affects
New bloggers pretending to start a blog to make money online and as most of the blogs in th blogosphere say that follow other blogs of similar niche first and then try to develop yours.

This is the situation that is creating a bubble of bloggers who are nothing else then misleading with lot of information. The bloggers who claim to be pro-bloggers at some step and start giving the reviews about product or any service or just letting the other users/bloggers to develop a misconception about anything with their blog posts, these kind of bloggers does not actually help you at any step rather than just flooding you.

How to Differentiate
I was thinking about this for a long time now and was looking for the ways to actually differentiate between new and the pro-bloggers. So here are some of the points based on my personal research and experience.

  1. The thing that matters most is the quality of information you get. Just make out from the posts about any blogger whether he is trying to be bookish or friendly.
  2. When you visit any pro-blogger’s blog try to visit some of the initial post written by, this way you can easily do by visiting the “Archive” section of blog. Then read some of his recent posts and then mark out the improvement from the initial to the current.
  3. Also, try to search for some basic topics of the niche and if the blogger claims to be a pro-blogger then the blog must have some basic topics of the niche as every pro-blogger knows that any content whether basic or advanced can be as important to any one.
  4. How well the blogger maintain his blog. This is very easy to make out, just visit the categories and read the posts does that belong to the relevant category or not.

Judging Parameter
All the four points mentioned above can be a general factor when it comes to the differentiation. But there are some more explicit parameters too.

The number of unique posts and the diversified quality finally govern the future of blogger and his blog. Diversified in the sense is that the pro-blogger has a view to share the right information and does not actually seek the time importance to an extent in blog.

If you really value to the information that you gather for your blog as your blog is still in the initial stages then the factors and parameters mentioned above should be taken into consideration. It’s always advised to first verify and then believe the information to avoid creating an information blob.

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