Excellent News from Commission Junction

I do think all of affiliate marketers would have been waiting for this to happen. Finally it has happened.

Commission Junction is now doing online bank transfer for India in INR. It means now, we don’t have to wait for check (cheque) to arrive and mostly wait for the postman to deliver it.

Now, it’s all simple and easy!

Just saw this update on commission junction – member area.

Easy Payment
There is no issue at all – minimum payment for online transfer is $50 and it’s easy to setup. Just visit “account” tab and the edit the payment information.

I can’t believe that this has actually happened.

You just have to enter details – when you edit the payment option: Bank Name – Account Number – Account Name – Account Type and International Routing Code.

You are done!

No more delays in payment and cheque clearance. Direct bank deposits on or after 20th of each month. I think it is one of the best news in terms of making money – head in 2011.

Affiliate Marketing with Banners on Blog

Most lucrative way to make money is the affiliate marketing. You can easily make $100 to thousands of dollars per day – it seems pretty limit less in terms of making money with affiliate marketing.

This is the reason that more and more people move towards affiliate marketing. Also, this is the biggest issue – because people with lesser knowledge of affiliate marketing get in to the affiliate marketing business – spoiling their time and efforts in achieve nothing.

Banners on Blog
It is widely said that make a blog and market the affiliate product – people tend to make their own definitions of this – they simply make a blog – may be money making blog and try to place affiliate banners on their blog and waiting for money to be made.

It is not the proper way to make money. This can be done by noobs also. There has to be a different approach towards affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing The Way
You can still make a blog and market your affiliate products but your blog should be dedicated to a particular product only.

Right Way Would be
In terms of making money through affiliate products right way would be – register a product related domain – make a blog with at least 5-articles on the niche – describing pros-cons of the product. Then try to make backlinks.

This would be the right way to make money with affiliate marketing – Not that just embedding the affiliate links on your blog and waiting for users to click on it.

True Story: Kind of Affiliate Program To Choose

I have had experience – a kind of bitter experience, which I am sharing with you and that’s with Affiliate Marketing. I had always thought of affiliate marketing as the primary source of income for a blog or any content network.

In Affiliate marketing, as you know there are different streams on which affiliate commissions are spared – Like, Per Sale commission, Leads commission and some also provide per click commission – but per click commissions are rare.

The Reason
This blog post is targeted towards a reason to point out the implications involved in the kind of affiliate commission you opt for when you start promoting any affiliate program.

I personally have always thought that Lead commissions are good way to make a decent income – because there is less risk involved and people convert easy – as they are not billed for it.

But in one hit – I was proven wrong!

You should always opt for the per sale affiliate commissions (CPA) program. Though these programs are low start and they are slightly tougher to convert but you are in safer territory.

Why Per Sale Affiliate Program
The foremost reason that I have experienced with Per lead (CPL) affiliate commission program is your efforts and investments are pretty easily washed up.

How Come? – Per Lead (CPL) programs are giving you commissions because they have to promote something – it can be their website – their product or any service. Since their work gets over – You are out of the game.

On the other hand, if you gradually built and promote the Per Sale (CPA) Affiliate Program with the time – you will be having more sales and since the program you are promoting is sustaining on sales; therefore, you are never out of the game. On contrary, you might enjoy higher commissions with sales picking.

Work for a better future and long-term income – rather than having few chunks.

Are You Missing of Affiliate Programs

There might be many pay per click (PPC) programs available – which claims to provide the best deal on the web and some are really high paying – but this is the fact that PPC can never replace the CPA programs.

CPA programs can never become saturated – they are the finest income opportunities, but a fact is attached too with the CPA programs and it is you need to explore the full potential of the offer you are promoting.

Get Good Affiliate Programs
You don’t have to search for the offers – others are promoting and promote the same – it is the vague idea if you do so. Since, promoting the same band of affiliate programs can make the niche or a particular program saturated and your chances of getting sales/leads will be less.

On the other hand – you need to explore the niche and not the particular offer. Also, my honest suggestion would be to search for the programs on all the affiliate network sites – like if you are searching for the survey affiliate program – don’t just restrict on to one website for searching of advertisers offering survey affiliate program – but widen your search.

choose cpa offer

For example: People still search at CJ or some other CPA network – but they miss-out the Maxbounty and ShareaSale CPA network which are equally well and pays in time and have some of the best CPA offers which are due for promotion.

Therefore, make a wise search on all the CPA networks before you select any kind of offer for promotion.

Small Niche Sites are Important How?

It is not that only biggies play an important role – or only biggies rule the Internet – but for making a streamline income through Internet – small niche sites plays a very important role.

Precise and Short
Small niche sites though small in size – but are content rich and have targeted content. They are precise – every page is optimized. Advertisement are placed exactly where it should be.

Why You Should Use Small Niche Sites
The following reasons rule:

  1. It needs almost no maintenance.
  2. It works on its own.
  3. Setup takes less time.
  4. It’s cost effective.
  5. It comes optimized.
  6. You can start 100’s of small niche sites in very less amount.
  7. You don’t have to be genius – you can follow what it comes with.

Basically with small niche sites – you don’t have much to loose and you make various kinds of income.

Income Streams
There are various ways you can make money via small niche sites.

  1. Affiliate programs.
  2. Product landing page – which is again some kind of affiliate program.
  3. PPC ads such as Google adsense or bidvertiser etc. You can also try amazon.com widgets.

If you have not yet tried any small niche websites – then you should surely try. You can easily get readymade small niche websites, but don’t use the content that comes with – develop yours.