Price Range of Affiliate Products

A question was bounced on Webmaster forum that what should be the price range of the affiliate products? This is quite interesting question – as most of the people think that stuff that cost less will sell more.

What’s True
This might be true for some products that are less priced so they sell more – but if you are promoting any affiliate product – you need to look at other things – rather first deciding the price range.

  1. You need to look at features first.
  2. Then look at the competition around.
  3. Compare the updates that the product has issued in the recent past.
  4. Then compare the pricing of all related products in the niche with yours.
  5. Also, look at the affiliate percentage offering.

Deciding on price range is not the stuff that you should require to do – if you can summarize your affiliate product on the basis of above mentioned points – then you are more likely to get succeed.

Price is not important for the right product in their niche – you must be having a $5 product that is selling way less but on the same niche with more features a product valued $50 may be selling like hot cakes.

Therefore, the key to the affiliate sales is in the features of the product.

Watch Your CPA Affiliate Links

Watch carefully; yes this is the correct phrase to start this blog post – as this is just based on my watching things carefully. Everywhere on Internet you would find tips on how to watch things on Internet and other blogs. But less has been written in regard of watching your own blog or website.

When you have placed any CPA advertisement on your website/blog – how many of you have checked it that the affiliate link is working right? Or how many of you have checked that after some days affiliate links is working right or not.

Very less and may be some of you have not ever tried to check it. Since you have copied the exact code given by the CPA networks – but its not about the code always.

I Watched and Corrected
Was just looking at the homepage of my blog and tried to test all the CPA affiliate links – that are they working right and bingo – found that one offer which I was promoting was down from the CPA network.

Don’t misread me on this – I am pointing to CPA affiliate links and not my Google adsense – I am still with brains 🙂

Now, some of the networks do send emails that particular advertiser that you are promoting is now offline, but some networks fail and when they fail – we are the one who suffers.

If you have placed your CPA advertisement for more than a month now and not been tracking its results then go the easy way – click on it and see that does it points to the correct landing page or not.

Clickbank Products Not Safe

This is real hell – real hell! I am sorry but – I need to say this because I am bit angry on the stuff that is being served all around web. Clickbank is the company in concern I am talking about.

I don’t know what is wrong with clickbank these days – and may be this was the previous situation too but I just get hold of it now. I am really angry on the sellers – selling their stuff on clickbank.

Hundreds of affiliates market their product and some are pretty new in the field – they read testimonials from fellow clickbank affiliates and opt their way to clickbank to earn money. But what they get is big zero and nothing else – there may be any promotion failure – but the core reason that I am getting is – most of the products placed in clickbank are not safely protected.

The Only Reason
I don’t understand one thing that sellers do everything right to promote their product but forgot to protect their download pages – this weekend I was on the mission to check the various products of clickbank and I could humbly say that around 50-70% products are unprotected.

What This Means
Simple – if you have downloaded product from a location – the other user too gets the same download page – no protection at all and best of all – people have now started sharing their download pages with friends and this is the good reason – why we see so many clickbank products out their in warez sites.

Not Aware
I can’t believe that clickbank merchants aren’t aware of the download page security because they tend to share some exceptional knowledge and this is the basic thing to protect your download pages.

I think merchants or clickbank on their behalf have to do something seriously – because as the technology and knowledge sharing is becoming easy so it will actually crash clickbank – as most of their hosted merchants do not have download page security.

Who will buy then? Biggest question arising.

Right Time to Quit

People don’t ask this question to themselves – if they had then probably they would have been making lot more.

Analyzing the facts that what went wrong and how to correct is the other aspect of this question – but this is the first part of the question that you should ask yourself – if you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is All About Questions
This is right – how many questions you could solve in an affiliate program – you could make that much of money – this is the basic fact that rules the moneymaking in any affiliate program.

But the core question is – when to quit.
Marketing any affiliate program – or just embedding ads of any advertisement network such as CPC – link advertisements – or any method of making money through affiliate program.

Just watch for the full month – and if you see any progress – then proceed further but if you are still on the same track after a month – then this is the right time for you to quit.

Calculate Right Time
If you calculate the right time on the earning then probably you are wrong – calculations are never done on the amount of earning – but purely on percentage. See, a more popular website using the same affiliate program that you have chosen – makes more money and you after a month still cant reach half of it – this is bad calculation.

Simple calculation is to calculate on percentage basis of you’re own website earning through a particular affiliate program – and this has to be done as explained earlier on monthly basis.

Every affiliate program gathers monthly stats – so just open it and compare it with previous months earning – and if you see a upside graph at a minimum of 15-20% then surely you should go further with this program and anything below that is still digestible – since you don’t have any other program to promote.

To correct the ways of promotion and analyze what went wrong for a particular affiliate program – so you could make better earning next month is also the right approach. But still make a right quitting time – according to your best senses – so that you do not waste time experimenting.