How to Get Profitable Ecommerce Store

People these days are just plunging into e-commerce space in search for profits – by looking at the leading e-commerce sites. Too much profits into selling the products online is also one of the factors that more people want to get into this space.

Registering a domain – hosting it and hiring a web developer to create a website – and then marketing by means of advertisements or anything – doesn’t mean that you will have a successful e-commerce business.

Lot depends on the type of products you choose – rather than the price you keep for the products. As starting a full-fledged store to cater all products just as amazon/flipkart etc. will not lead you anywhere.

Therefore; choosing a particular niche and then going for the e-commerce platform will give you a successful venture.

Along with a niche targeted store – you need to have prompt shipping – which matters most when it comes to online shopping.

So, the recipe for the successful e-commerce store is – You need to have niche targeted store and prompt shipping.

Design Ecommerce Website is Part of Infogle

We have recently launched a different website to cater the ecommerce designing customers separately.

This website is part of Infogle – so when you reach to this website for any designing be sure that you will get quality work and on time performance – as it is been backed up a 10-year old company.

Excellent Staff Match up
We have dedicated staff related to this work – therefore, you can get the quality performance every time.

For any query that is submitted via is usually replied within 2hrs at any given day.

Competitive Rates
As per the Infogle norms we believe in quality at competitive rates – the same has been kept for the designing ecommerce website. You will get excellent work and great performance from our side at the most competitive rates.

We also have clubbed various Freebies for you along with the ecommerce website development.

We not only make your online store we actually make successful business for you.

Moneybookers is Soon Changing

Moneybookers is updating itself – not in terms of service but in terms of designing and branding. I do hope this step will refresh the moneybookers as a brand and give a new life to one of the excellent online payment gateway.

I personally believe that moneybookers is one of the easiest of payment gateways with less formalities and less technicalities.

Refreshment Was Due
The new design of moneybookers looks more soothing and refreshing. The new brand name which moneybookers is opting for is “Skrill”.

As informed by moneybookers, they are just changing their branding and design – rest all features will be as it is. Though you will see some design changes happening from this right moment – but for the time being moneybookers will continue on their url – they will shift their complete operations to new url in summer 2012.

The new URL of moneybookers will be

As we found
You must have this question in your mind that what is the meaning of the word “Skrill”. As per our research we found that word – “Skrill” has evolved from the word “Skrilla” – a slang word, basically used for: Money

Moneybookers will have their brand new facebook fan page- their new twitter account with their new branding “Skrill”. Looking forward to the new future of moneybookers.

Why Your Article Gets Rejected

We all know what Google panda and Google algorithm 2011 update has did to the article directories and now it is not considered a good idea to submit your articles to the directories but some people are still trying to submit their articles.

It is not always that your submitted article gets approved – it does get rejected – Our blog is also a revenue sharing blog and people tend to submit articles – but mostly did not get approved.

Article Rejection Why
Article submission is good to get some fame and get other people know about your talent. Most of the article writers work for this – they grab work from Webmaster forums and write the articles for people – which they finally submit to article directories.

Not always all writers end up in positive note. Since, writers are given some product to write an article – and they end up writing the self-promoted article.

Self-promoted article means – it has nothing to do with sharing knowledge with the community – it is just written for the sake of product promotion.

People often write – positives and negative of the product – what this can do and what if you don’t choose this product – all those talk.

This is what article directories don’t like. You are actually writing a review and not a real article to submit it to article directories.

For correct article writing – and getting your article approved in directories – you need to write on a situation and then describe about the product what this product can do to overcome the situation. Create a situation and give a solution – then you are sharing knowledge.

Moneybookers as Payment Processor for Hosting

We have been receiving requests from long time. Since, everyone was not happy with one payment processor – sometime due to lack of funds etc.

Therefore, for all those people – here is an update from hosting.

Payment Processor Update
We have now added Moneybookers as the payment processor with Paypal. So, now you can pay with anyone.

We have no restriction on anything. You can choose anyone at anytime. This means, even if you have started your hosting plan with PayPal payment you can pay via Moneybookers in any month and then again pay with PayPal.

Solely depends on you and your needs.

New Discount Coupon
We have recently added a new discount coupon. This discount coupon is strictly valid for only first few customers.

You can get 50% discount on all of our yearly Linux Hosting Plans (i.e., Multi-Website and Reseller Hosting).

Discount Code: GET50

This was thus required because we understand the needs of our customers and want to help them in any way possible. Affiliate Program remain as it is. There is no change in it.