Cheap SEO Offers Could Ban Your Business

Have you ever opted to those cheese advertisements – which says – they will do thousands of directory or article submission for the damn cheap prices. Webmaster forums are full with these kinds of offers.

But the question in concern is should you opt for these offers or should ignore them – you can do both. As, it is not always that cheap offers ends up in scam or spam. True cheap offers from the websites or persons who have been in business for long – would be the best choice in this regard.

Why Not New Cheap Offers
The reason you should opt-out of new SEO companies’ cheap offers is because you can’t trust their genuineness. It is not the small issue – if you think broadly these cheap offers could prove devastating.

What is Devastating About Them
Simple and easy answer would be that you couldn’t get fair deal. You pay for these cheap offers in regard to get your directory or article submission done – but these companies due to un-affordability of the tasks cost – usually completes the work in a spam way.

They do improper submissions to directory or article directories – like – not submitting to the right categories or submitting with incomplete information etc. This is when the problem starts for you.

The admin of these directories usually have to approve the links before they appear on the directories – and while reviewing – they reject the links that are with improper submission guidelines.

In most cases these directories put a permanent ban on the domain submitted. Therefore, you cannot submit again.

This way you might be losing the SEO for your site. Therefore, choosing the cheap submission offers from the newbies of SEO could directly damage your site ranking. So, better choose the accredited seo providers – rather than indulging your business to ban.

Tracking Will Become Difficult with Times

We all know how affiliate companies work with their affiliate tracking tools by leaving a tracking cookie in the system – to record sales and leads. This is the basic of any affiliate company.

But recent news has shaken the affiliate world quite a bit – with leading web browser Mozilla announced of anti-tracking tools.

Mozilla has also urged other browser companies – to implement this in their browsers. With this implementation it would be rather difficult for the affiliate companies and literally impossible to track the sales.

This is happening because to protect the data of the private users and not be used for marketing purposes. Fedral Trade Commission (FTC) is said to have called for this creation of do-not track system.

But this is not all true that tracking will completely stop – because the browser companies do understand the implications involved and the new implementation could only block the unwanted tracking.

Good that they are just blocking the unwanted tracking – but with new affiliate companies opening everyday, I don’t understand what they will call as unwanted tracking – and how will they tweak the systems to only block the unwanted tracking.

Till the systems implemented – we are good to use affiliate companies but scene is not looking so good for the affiliate industry.

Article Marketing The Way to Achieve

Article marketing is just another way to promote your product or services; article marketing makes sense and will be making sense in the search engine optimization for a long term.

The reason that article marketing is so popular is because of the wide perspective it covers. This is the obvious reason that search engines like it.

As, you cannot spam the article marketing method, it uses content which you can’t duplicate – and if you do duplicate article marketing – it simply gets ignored by the search engines and all of your efforts wasted.

Article marketing uses content and keywords to get raise in the search engine ranking. Also, article marketing helps raising your Page rank. Though page rank is not necessary these days as google has itself erased the importance of PR.

With article marketing, you can very easily do the affiliate marketing. Even if you don’t have a website.

If you want to raise your backlink keyword count article marketing is the most effective method to be done in terms of search engine optimization. Not only article marketing is done on the article directories but also you can submit your articles to the blog sites and other revenue sharing sites.

The only thing you need to take care in article marketing is that the directory or site you are submitting your article is enabled for RSS.

Create Your Mailing List for FREE

Building a mailing list is must for any successful online venture – as how many users you have in your mailing list could easily bash up your online venture. Similarly there are ways to create mailing list of your own – but what service you should use to create your mailing list is the foremost thing.

Mailing List Service
Aweber is the pioneer in the mailing list creation service as it has some of the best online tools to get you started – but this is not a good gesture for all others as it do attracts a fee of $19 per month. You can start with $1 initially.

Despite of being everything perfect this service doesn’t attracts to much of users who are just starting their online venture – and basically the bloggers who want to built their mailing list initially.

Initially bloggers or anyone don’t want to invest much on a thing they are experimenting – though there are many other options as well – but they do also need some kind of investment on per month basis.

What is FREE
For bloggers who want to start building their mailing list for FREE – there are some plugins available which works exactly the same way as Aweber works – you can set the welcome message – email confirmation and can send the periodic updates and also your new blog posts.

G-Lock Opt-In is the kind of wordpress plugin which does it all for FREE. You can download it for FREE and it has every function that Aweber does, as I mentioned above.

Therefore, this wordpress plugin helps you in creating your first mailing list and that is also for FREE.

Beware of Cheap Domain Offers

A few days ago I just stumbled upon an interesting thread on Webmaster forum – the user described in the thread – that he is providing domain for $1. Quite a juicy offer – isn’t it.

On the Internet where the minimum price rests at $4-5 – how can the domain be registered for $1 and that’s also a .com – quite unbelievable.

Don’t Fall Prey
This is what they try to do when they present an offer like this – they grab a coupon code and register – also happens to be some tweaks to this promotion code and some benefit to the system glitches – they register to you the domain for the unbelievable price of $1.

Discount codes are meant to be for promotion and not actually stealing the stuff – and in one way these people are actually stealing the stuff – which was meant to be for promotion purposes.

Now, when all is done – you get a domain at unbelievable price – after few days domain registrar cancels that domain – because it was registered in a non-ethical way.

The cancellation of domains by registrar is instantaneous some times – but usually it takes around 2-months to finally detect that a fraud transaction has occurred. In other way round – you cannot claim money for the domain paid – not essential though it was a dollar.

More that matters is the time you spend in the development and at the end of the day all is gone. Therefore, never ever try for these kinds of offers – as every company individually present coupons to your mail – so use them.