Why Your Article Gets Rejected

We all know what Google panda and Google algorithm 2011 update has did to the article directories and now it is not considered a good idea to submit your articles to the directories but some people are still trying to submit their articles.

It is not always that your submitted article gets approved – it does get rejected – Our Infogle.com blog is also a revenue sharing blog and people tend to submit articles – but mostly did not get approved.

Article Rejection Why
Article submission is good to get some fame and get other people know about your talent. Most of the article writers work for this – they grab work from Webmaster forums and write the articles for people – which they finally submit to article directories.

Not always all writers end up in positive note. Since, writers are given some product to write an article – and they end up writing the self-promoted article.

Self-promoted article means – it has nothing to do with sharing knowledge with the community – it is just written for the sake of product promotion.

People often write – positives and negative of the product – what this can do and what if you don’t choose this product – all those talk.

This is what article directories don’t like. You are actually writing a review and not a real article to submit it to article directories.

For correct article writing – and getting your article approved in directories – you need to write on a situation and then describe about the product what this product can do to overcome the situation. Create a situation and give a solution – then you are sharing knowledge.

Blogging to the Success

Blogging has evolved not only for the information-sharing tool, but blogging is widely known for its moneymaking. More and more people are moving towards blogging – keeping this moneymaking perspective in mind.

There are ways to be kept intact to get your blogging to the success. You need to follow some regime in order to make the venture successful.

Successful Blogging
Just follow some strict guidelines in your blogging career in order to make it a successful venture. Follow the following:

  1. You don’t need to be the master of your niche, but you need to have passion for your niche.
  2. Keeping writing deadlines is not so important but writing meaningful is more important.
  3. Look for the right permalinks structure in your blog – rather than going for the plugin help.
  4. Give importance to the backlinks count rather than hunting for the Page rank.
  5. Every kind of advertisement can be worked successfully but the care should be given to its placement.

Though the successful blogging tips can be extended more and it could be never ending topic, but you need to start from somewhere and the points mentioned above can really help you in getting the successful blogging achieved.

Do You Miss Your Blogging

When you opt blogging as a career you need to know some things that you will come to know when you have been in to blogging for some time before that no one can actually tell that.

I am talking about your real interest in blogging – because before taking blogging as a career you need to understand some basic things that you love to share and write about things or not – because if you don’t then blogging will be very tough career for you.

Since you pass both the above-mentioned parameters now the task is to set your blog and give it a try. But a wholehearted try – so start your blogging career and then after writing consistently for 2 months or so leave your blog for few days – lets say may be for a week or 10days.

So, is there something in your mind that you are missing your blog writing? Yes you need to know the answer for this before giving your blogging a head start.

This is more than essential trick to test yourself – because blogging is not for a day or week or for a year task this will be with you even in your later days. As this is something you don’t have to depend on others at any moment of your life. Since you have ideas that can flow you can blog and on the other side your blogging you will get you money.

IT Jobs and US Election

People are really confused with the statements from Barack Obama. As he said during the campaign that if he gets through with the presidential elections then he would pause the outsourcing industry to give job to the local US people.

As the recession concern this measure is though necessary for the US people also, giving a fact that many people in India related to Nasscom and other IT and IT enabled services feel that this will not going to happen.

But the fact is undercover that all the Indian IT companies and workers are holding their breath for the 20 Jan 2009 when Obama takes in the office.

Should it A Matter of Worry
The matter of fact is that Indian IT industry gets about 60% of revenue of US outsource IT jobs. The situation in India is not too good also as companies are in all time crises and this is pertaining them to shed of the workers and the situation worsen and not many jobs are available here.

People related to Indian IT industry further believes that IT is not the general work it is rather depended on the skills and the efficiency. Also, this is a fact that Obama said he would cut the taxes for the companies who benefits from outsourcing.


Now the question in concern is that many people have further said about this that Obama was not saying about the IT jobs but he is pointing to the other outsourced jobs. As the industry has cut jobs more and this has given rise to the unemployment situation.

The whole situation is so confusing that why not any journalist clarified in the initial stages when Obama spoke about this topic that he was referring to IT or other industrial jobs. Now that he is elected one can only wait and watch the situation.

Blogger and ProBlogger Information Standards

Most of the bloggers who are just fascinated by the blog income and start a blog can’t actually differentiate between the blogger and a pro-blogger. Does this create confusion among the new herd of bloggers at any step? Yes it does!

How this affects
New bloggers pretending to start a blog to make money online and as most of the blogs in th blogosphere say that follow other blogs of similar niche first and then try to develop yours.

This is the situation that is creating a bubble of bloggers who are nothing else then misleading with lot of information. The bloggers who claim to be pro-bloggers at some step and start giving the reviews about product or any service or just letting the other users/bloggers to develop a misconception about anything with their blog posts, these kind of bloggers does not actually help you at any step rather than just flooding you.

How to Differentiate
I was thinking about this for a long time now and was looking for the ways to actually differentiate between new and the pro-bloggers. So here are some of the points based on my personal research and experience.

  1. The thing that matters most is the quality of information you get. Just make out from the posts about any blogger whether he is trying to be bookish or friendly.
  2. When you visit any pro-blogger’s blog try to visit some of the initial post written by, this way you can easily do by visiting the “Archive” section of blog. Then read some of his recent posts and then mark out the improvement from the initial to the current.
  3. Also, try to search for some basic topics of the niche and if the blogger claims to be a pro-blogger then the blog must have some basic topics of the niche as every pro-blogger knows that any content whether basic or advanced can be as important to any one.
  4. How well the blogger maintain his blog. This is very easy to make out, just visit the categories and read the posts does that belong to the relevant category or not.

Judging Parameter
All the four points mentioned above can be a general factor when it comes to the differentiation. But there are some more explicit parameters too.

The number of unique posts and the diversified quality finally govern the future of blogger and his blog. Diversified in the sense is that the pro-blogger has a view to share the right information and does not actually seek the time importance to an extent in blog.

If you really value to the information that you gather for your blog as your blog is still in the initial stages then the factors and parameters mentioned above should be taken into consideration. It’s always advised to first verify and then believe the information to avoid creating an information blob.