Infogle Link Directory is Growing Huge

Our link directory though started just as trial project but over the years has grown so much – that it has out reached our capacity to approve the regular pending links on time.

Current stats – Active links more than 43000 and pending links more than 86000 – makes it a total of more than 100-thousand links submitted to our link directory.

If we try to figure out the reason of popularity for our directory – it could be just one – that our directory is been online for all these years and google has been crawling our directory links to its index.

As most of the link directories are easy come and easy go.

Return the Favor
We always have a tradition of returning the favor – therefore, its time for our link directory to have some exciting offer.

The Offer
As our directory is deep-linking directory – where you can submit more than one link of your website.

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Article Directory or WordPress Article Directory

Article directories at one time were the favorites to link keywords and get promoted on Google for the keyword and also get a buzz around the web. But since the very updates in the Google search policy – article directories have been on back foot.

It is not just the structure of the article directories that Google don’t like – but also the content that is submitted are just for the sake of promotion and no real information is passed on to it.

Therefore, attempt with search engine friendly and Google liked stuff – WordPress.

WordPress Article Directory
You can use a wordpress plugin “Article Directory” for creating a structure just as article directory and this will easily gel with your wordpress theme to make it a unique structure.

This does not mean that you should still allow users to submit the information, which is not quite informative. But since it is wordpress – Google likes it and it will have a step forward advantage over article directories.

Since, wordpress is promoted on various places automatically and free – you will not have to promote it specifically. With wordpress you can have automatic ping service.

article directory

Not only this, there are many search engine friendly and marketing plugins which can make your task even easier.

Therefore, when thinking of making an article directory – choose the wordpress way in order to get the healthy search engine experience.

Article Marketing The Way to Achieve

Article marketing is just another way to promote your product or services; article marketing makes sense and will be making sense in the search engine optimization for a long term.

The reason that article marketing is so popular is because of the wide perspective it covers. This is the obvious reason that search engines like it.

As, you cannot spam the article marketing method, it uses content which you can’t duplicate – and if you do duplicate article marketing – it simply gets ignored by the search engines and all of your efforts wasted.

Article marketing uses content and keywords to get raise in the search engine ranking. Also, article marketing helps raising your Page rank. Though page rank is not necessary these days as google has itself erased the importance of PR.

With article marketing, you can very easily do the affiliate marketing. Even if you don’t have a website.

If you want to raise your backlink keyword count article marketing is the most effective method to be done in terms of search engine optimization. Not only article marketing is done on the article directories but also you can submit your articles to the blog sites and other revenue sharing sites.

The only thing you need to take care in article marketing is that the directory or site you are submitting your article is enabled for RSS.

Determine Good Article Directories

Every now and then people talk about article directories and submission to it – makes your content optimize or people do submit articles to directories in order to get a raise in search engine listing.

But have you thought why article directories are used for this purpose, and what are the things that make them count for search engine ranking, and what actually works behind the scene in order to get your website up in the search engine results.

What Works
If you have submitted any of your articles in to article directories you must have watched the following and if you have not yet submitted then going through the points below will allow you to understand things:

  1. 1. You have to submit unique contents to article directory; in other words complete copyscape passed content. If there are some directories that accept duplicate content then they are not worthy.
  2. You can submit your links pertaining to your website.
  3. Also, you can have your keywords highlighted in article directories.
  4. These are easily and quickly crawled by search engines – and search engine likes them because of the reason they are having unique content.
  5. They don’t have any hyperlink tagging system as follow or nofollow.
  6. Article directories always have feed/RSS enabled.

These are the core reasons that make an article directory attractive enough and you can easily submit to directories, which follow these guidelines – as you will have your keywords optimized.

I will try to summarize in the coming up blog posts – implications involved with article directories to raise your search engine ranking.

Seo The Easy Way! One Way Links.

Finding it difficult to get one-way links with your anchor text? Well here is an easy way to generate some serious high PR backlinks to your site, with your anchor text.

How to Extract
Bidding Directories! To the uninitiated a Bidding Directory is a paid web directory where the more you pay the more prominent your link will appear on the directory. As you are probably aware the closer to the top of the page your link is the more “link juice” is given to your site.

Bidding Directories
So why use a bidding directory? Well there are several reasons why a bidding directory can become an excellent part of your SEO and marketing plans.

  1. High PR and low outgoing links
  2. Use your own anchor text
  3. Link is surrounded by a description of your site, which adds to relevancy
  4. Top bidders receive excellent traffic
  5. Help brand your site and create greater awareness
  6. Simple to set up and generally your link is live immediately
  7. Some bidding directories allow for deep links so you can get up to 5 links pointing at various pages on your site.

Tips For Bidding
When looking for a bidding directory to add your links to it there are a few handy tips that can help you out.

  1. Look for high PR directories where you can get your link on the front page.
  2. When bidding make sure you bid to be at least on front page or very near to the top. If you cant afford to bid the amount necessary to reach those positions, save your money and look for a smaller bidding directory where you can reach the top.
  3. Use deep links whenever possible
  4. In your description sell your site. You want people to click on your link so a boring, generic description of your site won’t do at all.


Therefore, when you are trying to improve your sites rankings in search engine and also looking for PR make sure you get some high quality links from bidding directories to really boost your efforts.