Directories with PR or Traffic

It was time when people like to link from directories because the time was good for Google PR as it helped in increasing the ranking of a site if the site is linked from the high PR link directories. Then the time came when Google slashed the directories with zero PR and all were just running away from directories. But then again Google started reviving the PRs for the directories.

Now as most of the directories have started regaining their PR so is it worthwhile to put your link to high rank PR directories. I would say it can be but not sure about Google because some sites rank well and others not.

What’s the Point?
Since I am just talking about directories and ranking the more important is not just ranking through directories, but some of the link directories or deep link directories give enormous amount of traffic, which can be used for anything in a particular site.

Lets say you put your link in Infogle Link Directory, its deep link directory. Since, my directory is not having any PR this does not mean that this will not benefit you. It will because the directory is receiving very good amount of uniques per day. Moreover, if you look at the total link submitted till this day you will come to know the amount of traffic the section is receiving. Total link submitted and approved till now is over 18000.

So, the point I am trying to make it here is about traffic that you receive from link directories. This is far more better than ranking for PR. As ultimately traffic help your sales and sites in revenue. PR will not help in raising your financial site position.

What to Conclude
The simple conclusion to the above would be that since most webmasters feel that directories are out of the business and they have their interest shifted, but this is just one side the other side of the coin reveals that directories are gaining back the popularity and persistency as they tend to deliver the traffic which might be needed for any website.


I would suggest to people who are making their websites/blogs, when it’s done and up on Internet. The first thing they must do is to have their website/blog submitted to as much directories as possible. You can subscribe to any manual directory submission service. This will create buzz for your website/blog and hopefully you will gain some PR value also.

Manual Submission for $25 – 1000 Directories

We all know directory submission and its use that how it is being used to optimized the site performance. I was looking for the need to give the best of the services to my users. Therefore, the packages of the directory submission have been almost slashed.

If you still can’t make out what I am talking about. Then here are the details about the offer.

About Offer is a part of and it has been doing various SEO works for the time being. The SEO section of Infogle has not been covered on this blog. So here is I am giving you an excellent piece of information.

Now, you can get Manual Directory Submission Service for just $15. Yes! It’s right not a typing error. The listed below gives you the perfect view of the updates of SEO section.

  • 500-Manual Directory Submission for $15
  • 1000-Manual Directory Submission for $25

You will be given a complete report of submitted directories. Therefore no fishing offers. The directories, which will be submitted to, are all good indexed directories and will be ranging from PR0-PR8.

You can pay to this directory submission work via paypal. Minimum detail required to submit an order and every order is completed within the given time period.


How to Order
Very Simple just visit section and jump to the Directory Submission Service Link and choose your submission and pay via paypal. As soon your order is received the working is started.

You will have some good quality one-way links to your website/blog. It will help in increase traffic and hits. Also, it helps in creating the buzz about your website/blog and letting people knows about your existence.

Therefore, now you have the solution, which is economical and you can be rest assured with the submissions as it 100% manual, and the offer is backed by Infogle.

Power of 10000 (Ten Thousand)

I was too much excited today as I was waiting for this day to arrive this week, and finally it happened. I crossed over 10,000 links in my deep linking directory and still counting.

Happens in Business
All ups and downs with my directory business but the truth is I am here and made a good income though with this. First I made a simple directory in 2006 because I think that time deep linking directory was not available, when I looked at deep linking directory structure in 2007 I was more eager to start with it.

But my old link directory had almost 7000+ unfortunately I had to drop that and start with this deep linking directory with Zero-links present. But this was not the biggest concern for me. As I had the traffic, which was aware of, the URL and I just drive that traffic to the new location.

My Directory
Deep linking increased the income. This is pretty much true that as soon as I implemented deep linking structure my directory income rise. With previous simple link directory I was just making between $5-$10 per month and by till now with deep linking directory I am making $50+ per month.

This $50 is been further split in to three categories. First income with sponsors, second with PPC implemented, and third directory submission. This is not much but compared to the time and efforts I have made this is good.


My suggestion for all the directory owners and starters is do give every option for the directory submitters to submit their links as they want to and if they feel that they will be benefited with submitting as featured listing they will.

For the moment I am thinking of some unexplored monetizing methods for my directory. I will keep you all updated of my new monetizing method soon.

Outsourcing Directory Submission Read This

Outsourcing your seo work has been general now, every Webmaster or a blogger now days outsource their seo work to seo companies. It’s not always that the webmasters don’t know about the seo and that’s why they outsource. Probably of some busy schedules tends to outsource them.

This is the reason that many new seo companies have evolved, but as in all businesses some seo companies are reliable and others are here to make quick cash out.

This is not though that complete seo sector is booming its some areas of seo’s that are really booming and you could see many small-medium-large companies evolving in this area.

Directory Submission
I am talking about the directory submission, as this is the low cost seo technique, which could probably bring instant traffic to your websites. Now the point of concern is lot more people are actually doing these kinds of directory submissions, and the same percentage is for the people who are getting it done.

Now here comes the point you need to watch when you are outsourcing your directory submission work. As I said lot more people are doing this work and that’s why due to increasing competition, many directory submission companies actually promise you some out of the way techniques and at the end your website has to suffer a lot.


Behind the Scenes
Here is it, what’s happening in directory submissions, companies promise that they will provide you so-and-so number of featured listing if you take on this package or that, so to full fill many such companies are actually making a false submission.

False submission in the sense that they are not actually paying directories to get featured listing they are just placing a featured link and not paying for it. And at the end what happens the listing, which are featured and not paid, are actually deleted and some are also banned. Ultimately your website has to suffer, as some directory submission companies don’t give the correct data of submission.

Knowing a Fact
How I am commenting on this and how do I know? As I also have a link directory and nearly 10k links already submitted. I also have the same problem every day while approving the links many featured links are posted and previously I was deleting them and when I saw next day same links submitted again, therefore I started to ban some IPs and domains from the directory.

So, if you are outsourcing you directory submission work to someone keep in mind to get the complete approval list and remember to crosscheck the list. As only this way you can protect your website.

Now you can hear my posts

Promote web directories this way to earn steadily

Some time back not much the hottest niche was a directory and every one was making directories – web directories. The cool thing was google was also crawling all the directories and structures it in its search queries. But later make out that what was been done there was no content nothing in the directories so that will interests people to visit the directory.

Resulting, massive de-listing of the web directories as they were having nothing in it and were de-listed because of the pattern they used they were actually selling the higher posts or which we all call as featured posts. So indeed Google hated this and de-listed all the web directories and de-graded the PR’s.

As you know every thing in this world has some negative and positive sides, so looking in that concern, web directories also have a positive side if they could be designed in such a way that they actually doing a listing work and not only just making the money itself by selling the feature listing.

Web directories still could be attractive for making money if they are promoted in the way that is Google friendly and also user friendly.

How you can have this:
Firstly, when someone makes the directory he sells the links of the featured listing. Not good. We now have very much extended versions of the directory from previous, which would just looked like amateur directories.

If you want to promote directories in a professional way and actually earn from them without giving any pain to Google. So here is a simple way, which you can help in making a web directory business as successful as it was previously.

Just make directories, as many versions of directories are currently there you can choose any which suits you best. Now just disable the feature listing functionality. You will not be selling any links. Just make yourself clear that selling links is not hot now.

Allow simple submitting and reciprocal submitting of the web-links these two should be enabled. Now its up to you that you choose a deep linking directory or just a simple linking directory. My vote is for deep linking directory as this gives much diversity to the user who is submitting his links.

As you have completed with all the above. Now you can start writing article or a blog about this in the same website so that every time the blog has been updated search engine is more curious and technorati also at the same time.

Now point of concern is where does the income come from and you will get actually payment from the clients and not from just sticking ads of affiliate programs. Yes! You can. How? Is explained now.

You will not be selling featured listings but you can sell the advertisements on the particular section and have a banner style or something similar to this. Let me explain this more, as user submits link to the directory and after the submission page is submitted they will get a message that if they want to place a “featured advertisement” in the category they have submitted the link please fill the form here.

And you can develop a alternative code or you can do it manually you will be actually selling ads in place of featured listing for the category as you were doing previously, but this way it will be more Google friendly and your directory will be famous soon.

Just three steps to remember:

  • Make your directory.
  • Disable featured listing. You can have deep linking or simple but yes just enable reciprocal.
  • Ask users for the banners or the ads when they completed the normal submission to your directory.

This way they are also listed in the directory as others but at the same time they are getting the feature position in the category. This could be nicest and best possible way to promote your directory and earn for a long time.