How to Correct the Hacked WordPress Site

Hacking of wordpress blogs and sites are increasing and experts view is – hackers get in to the site through some plugin – which has some bug. Though nothing is much clear – but it is always advisable to keep the plugins and wordpress version updated, so as to protect wordpress site from any hacking.

But in worst-case scenario if still your wordpress site gets hacked then what is the solution – first of all don’t panic. Hacker has not actually hacked your complete website – but has modified the default page.

Hackers Do
Wordpress hackers don’t always try to get in to the wordpress database – they do the page hacks – by modifying the default index page with their text – which looks like it is hacked.

What to Do When Hacked
If you do witness something like this – just relax and go to the wordpress admin and click on upgrade – (If, you have latest wordpress version installed – then also) click “Re-Install Now”

By reinstalling wordpress, it will overwrite the default files and will automatically erase the hacker’s code and your wordpress site will be back online.

This method does not affect the template structure – Your wordpress website will still have previously installed wordpress template. It is one of the easiest method to get rid of hackers code from your wordpress website.

Making Search/Crawl Bots Happy

In my last post about “Things That Make Search/Crawl Bots Angry” I mentioned that you need to add anything new to your website or blog – and also promised there that I will write an update to it – that how you can easily add something new to your website or blog without sitting in front of computer.

I know many people will start assuming that I will tell you to write a blog post via mobile and submit it through mobile network to your blog – but its not really such a thing that you have to do – but it is such a thing that naturally comes to you and gets added to your website or blog as an update.

Twitter the beautiful little tool with 140 characters can really make wonders for you – in providing something new to your website or blog on consistent basis – so that bots don’t get angry on your website or blog.

Here is What To Be Done
I assume that you have a twitter account – Who doesn’t have twitter account these days, and if you really don’t have then you are good to read the filthy ebooks to teach you make money.

Just login to your twitter account and under the settings link you will find a link to twitter widget. Just take the twitter widget and post somewhere on your site – whatever place you are comfortable at.

What This Does
So, when you don’t have time or just skipping the updates on your website this tool will help you at that time – you can tweet from your mobile also and can tweet anything – so, the twitter widget automatically updates itself and puts that new message on your website or blog – this way you are continuously adding something new – that’s also without sitting in front of computer.

Very simply and effective method to update your website or blog and keep the search bots happy so they return again in search of something new.

Recover Your Lost or Deleted Content

It may have happen to you that while editing some file you deleted some file accidentally or with your blog that some pages might have been deleted accidentally. This happens to all – sometime by mistake and sometime having less time and wanting quick work done.

So, when there is a problem – there has to be a solution for it. Therefore the simple solution to this issue is:

When Content Lost
Because if something is deleted from the server its usually a long process to recover – contacting your hosting company and asking for previous backups – and installing them over again – and because the lost are not the web pages but they are just the single page or something one or two file.

Therefore, getting complete backup to reinstall is not a wise idea. The wiser way is to search for that page in the Google cache – Yes it’s the simplest way to get the old content again. I myself have done this many times and every time I found the content on Google cache.

But the point to keep in consideration is – search the lost content quickly because if you wait for two-three days then chances are less to get that content – as Google bot crawls your missing link and replaces with the cached content.

Not True in Other Cases
This might not be true with many other cases where your coding is lost (PHP coding) – you can’t get those PHP codes.

Else way, for each accidentally deleted content; – Google cache is helpful.

Your Most Valuable Business Asset

This can be answered in one word. YOU. You are your own most valuable asset. What do I mean by this. There are some things no business has control over. You can’t control how many people will read your ads, see your ads, inquire about your products or buy your products. You can’t control how many affiliates you can sign up, their level of skill, and their level of dedication. These are all variables.

The one thing you can control is how you respond to each and every potential customer, each and every affiliate or member of your downline, whatever the case may be. The speed at which you respond to their inquiries and questions, the amount of effort you are willing to put forth to help them succeed will directly be reflected in the overall success of your business. You’ll be amazed that just by treating your customers and affiliates the same way you would want to be treated, can by itself increase your sales, increase your repeat sales, increase the chances that a customer or affiliate will speak highly of you and recommend you or your services to someone else. How many times have you been frustrated after emailing a company, large or small, and not getting a response for days, if ever. It gets quite frustrating doesn’t it? It is absolutely essential that you use the same courtesy towards people with your online business as you would if you were operating a storefront business.

How many of you would let a customer walk into your store, ask for help, and then ignore them? If someone E-mails you with a request or question, they are asking for help.
Answer them as quick as is possible and you will reap the benefits. Be honest, don’t over exaggerate and make false claims that have absolutely no basis in fact. Being a good marketer is one thing. Openly misleading people is quite another. YOU really are your businesses most valuable asset. Follow this one simple concept and half the battle has been won!